Administrative Staff

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences administrative staff works to advance the Department's mission through collaboration, transparency, ingenuity and exceptional service. Department assistant directors are listed below. Administrative staff for our Divisions and Centers can be found by contacting the Divisions and Centers directly.

Ali Iqbal, MBA
Director of Finance and Administration  
(206) 616-8063

Molly Jones
Assistant to the Chair, Jürgen Unützer 
(206) 543-3752

Mary Pyper
Assistant Director of Operations 
206) 685-0491

Clinical Services
Heather Hughes, MBA
Assistant Director of Clinical Analytics 
(206) 543-3603

Rebecca Sladek, MS
Assistant Director of Communications 
(206) 221-5337

​Athena Wong
Assistant Director of Education 
(206) 543-6577

Nadia Khan
Associate Director of Finance and Administration 
(206) 616-1897

Human Resources
Maureen Johnson
Assistant Director of Human Resources 
(206) 685-6683

Rosemary Whitright
Assistant Director of IT 
(206) 221-3640

Diane Powers, MA, MBA
Associate Director for Research 
(206) 685-7095