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Please note: Our department cannot make a clinical appointment or referral for you. If you are seeking admission to an oupatient clinic or want to make an appointment with a UW Medicine clinician, please visit the UW Medicine Contact Center​​. If you need urgent care, please go to your nearest emergency room or call the Crisis Clinic of King County at 1.866.4.CRISIS (1.866.427.4747)or visit the Lifeline Crisis Chat:

Please do not inquire about observerships, shadowing opportunities or volunteer positions. We do not have the capacity to offer those experiences at this time.

If you have general questions about how to become a psychiatrist or psychologist, please read our Psychiatry/Psychology Education Path FAQs. For questions about our Psychiatry Residency Program and our ACGME fellowships, please email For questions about our psychology internship program, please email

Use the form to contact the Director of Communications with a non-clinical question. Thank you!