In the News

The Wall Street Journal | February 11, 2017
Parenting experts say it's important to be involved in your pre-adolescent's sleepovers, while letting them feel like they are making their own decisions. Clinical professor Laura Kastner, PhD, weighs in. The full article can only be accessed with a Wall Street Journal subscription.

The New York Times | February 2, 2017
Therese Grant, PhD, talks about the need for more research to study the effects of smoking marijuana while pregnant. Most research in this area was done when the drug was far less potent than it is today.

The ASCO Post | January 25, 2017
Roberto Montenegro, MD, PhD, a Fellow in the UW Child and Adolescent Psychiatry program, talks about the ramifications of microaggressions on medical trainees, the impact of bias on patient care, and how medical institutions can create environments that blunt microaggressions and support underrepresented medical students and physicians during training.

HSNewsbeat | January 12, 2017
Jennifer Villatte, PhD, a newly named early-career investigator to the ITHS KL2 Program, seeks to develop an implementation support tool that helps providers deliver effective, efficient interventions that enhance patients’ mental and behavioral health.

HSNewsbeat | January 12, 2017
Irene Geisner, PhD, and Christine Lee, PhD, published a new study that found college students who drank the most on their 21st birthday consumed more alcohol during the year that followed. Coverage on King 5 News, among others.

UWMedicine Facebook | January 9, 2017
Kari Stephens, PhD, shares tips for beating snow anxiety. The video was viewed over 1,000 times.

HSNewsbeat | January 3, 2017
Patricia Areán, PhD led two studies showing promising results for treating depression with a video game interface. Coverage on KIRO, and KOMO, among many others.