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New director of global mental health at UW brings wealth of experience
UW Medicine Newsroom | March 2, 2018
Pamela Collins, MD, MPH, recently joined the UW as the director of global mental health, a joint program between the departments of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and global health.

Is Your Chest Pain a Heart Attack or Anxiety?
Right as Rain | February 23, 2018
Mark Sullivan, MD, gives key advice on differentiating chest pains and reminds us that it is always better to be safe than sorry in regards to your heart.

Proposed new 'sexting' law could give teens a break
Kiro 7 | February 15, 2018
Sexting is currently a felony and convicted teens are forced to register as sex offenders if convicted. A new bill moving forward in the state legislature would reduce the charge of felony to a misdemeanor if a teen is caught sharing other's nude photos. Sarah Walker, PhD, testifed in favor of this bill stating that the current charges work against our long-term interest in making sure teens are held accountable.

This Is Your Body on Love
Right as Rain | February 14, 2018
Love has fueled creation, destruction and pretty much every human endeavor in between. What is it that makes love so powerful? Larry Zweifel, PhD, explains how the feeling of love affects the human body.

Prenatal Ultrasonography and the Incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorder
JAMA Pediatrics | February 12, 2018
Sara Jane Webb, PhD, and Pierre Mourad, PhD, (neurological surgery) comment on a recently published paper, saying the study does not support ultrasound as a primary contributor to ASD and that more work is needed on understanding ultrasound safety, particularly in the first trimester in fetuses who may may be more vulnerable to poor neurodevelopment.

One Isn’t the Loneliest Number: Self-Care for Singles
Right as Rain | February 12, 2018
Georganna Sedlar, PhD, talks about the crucial difference between being lonley and being single and offers some tips on how to embrace your awesome single self.

What to Do When You New Year's Resolutions Run out of Steam
Right as Rain | January 26, 2018
Clinical psychologist Patrick Raue, PhD, gives step by step advice on how to fine tune and adjust your New Year's resolutions if you've lost your initial motivation and momentum.

7 Takeaways from Davos
Fortune | January 26, 2018
A reporter sums up one important takeaway from the World Economic Forum recently held in Davos, Switzerland: the mental health disorder time bomb is upon us. Pamela Collins, MD, MPH, discusses the significant lack of care given to those with mental disorders.

Tackling an Epidemic
IEEE Pulse | January 25, 2018
New and emerging treatments for opioid addiction hope to offer solutions to the crisis. Richard Ries, MD, explains the impact opioids have on the body and ways of effectively treating those who are addicted.

How to Handle and Prevent Work Burnout
Right as Rain | January 22, 2018
Working too much or in a high-stress environment is associated with anxiety, depression and other psychological ills. Matthew MacKinnon, MD, (PGY-3) explains the importance of the organizational environment in combating burnout and how to address it.

Washington puts primary care providers on the frontline of suicide prevention
Healthline | January 16, 2018
An overview article of All Patients Safe, a suicide prevention training for providers developed by UW Medicine and Forefront Suicide Prevention in partnership with Seattle Children’s, CoMotion and the VA. Visit​ for more information.

Financial Viability and Sustainability of Integrated Care
Psychiatric News | January 16, 2018
Andrew Carlo, MD, Acting Instructor and Senior Fellow in the Psychiatry in Primary Care Fellowship, explains the complexity and promise of financial viability and sustainabilty within intergrated health care systems.

Study buddies or drug abuse?​
The Daily | January 8, 2018
Many college students believe that nonmedical prescription stimulants like Adderall, Vyvanse, or Ritalin bolster their study habits and help them get higher grades, but these misperceptions can be dangerous. A study in Addictive Behaviors by Irene Geisner, PhD, Jason Kilmer, PhD, Nicole Fossos-Wong, Jih-Cheng Yeh, Isaac Rhew, PhD, Christine Lee, PhD, and Mary Larimer, PhD, among others, is referenced. Dr. Kilmer is quoted.

Painkillers are fueling the opioid epidemic
The Daily | January 4, 2018
Mark Sullivan, MD, PhD, explains the negative effect that over prescription and use of opioid painkillers for chronic and acute pain has on addiction and dependence.

Marijuana Myths
King 5 | January 4, 2018
Dennis Donnovan, PhD, MA, gives clarity to common myths surrounding marijuana use and its effects.

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