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To be blunt: the real risks of marijuana use
UW Daily | January 7, 2019
Just as the potency of marijuana is getting higher, college students’ perceived harm of the drug is plummeting. Jason Kilmer,PhD, talks about the risks of marijuana use and some of the common misconceptions among young adults.
Could You Have a Drinking Problem Without Even Knowing?
Right as Rain | January 4, 2019
Kristen Lindgren, PhD, talks about the importance of minimizing risks when consuming alcohol and offers some practical takeaways such as setting and keeping limits, drinking at your own pace and knowing your reasons for drinking.
What's Coming In 2019? Global Thinkers Make Big, Bold Predictions
NPR: Goats and Soda | January 4, 2019
One prediction for global health and development in 2019 is that people who need mental health help will find it on their phone, and researchers around the world are also testing a variety of apps. The work of Dror Ben-Zeev, PhD, is cited.

'DeepSqueak' helps researchers decode rodent chatter
UW Medicine Newsroom | January 4, 2019
Russell Marx, and Kevin Coffey, PhD, researchers in the Neumaier Lab, are investigating rodent vocalizations in an effort to better understand how drugs change brain activity, and ultimately, to develop treatments for withdrawal from alcohol or opioids.


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