​2016 News

Chad Crooks Didn't Have to Die
Seattle P.I. | December 14, 2016
Laura and Todd Crooks share the story of their son Chad’s mental illness and suicide. Since his passing, the Crooks family has been fighting to decrease stigma and improve Washington state’s mental health care system. They are both on our department's development committee. 

Right at Home | December 11, 2016
Pat Arean, PhD, is testing the effectiveness of a therapeutic video game, EVO, on treatment-resistant depression that causes impairment of concentration, focus and decision-making.
UW Medicine social media | December 12, 2016
A Peace Quilt mural was recently unveiled that was created by the Art Collective of the Life Enhancing Alcohol-Management Project (LEAP) headed by Seema Clifasefi, PhD, and Susan Collins, PhD.
Psychiatric News| December 4, 2016
Ruth Kohen, MD, discusses how the collaborative care model can be used to improve treatment for disorders such as Alzheimer's and dementia.
Forefront| December 2, 2016
Kate Comtois, PhD, MPH, received Forefront's Sue Eastgard Training Award for her commitment to providing high quality suicide prevention training.
UW Today| November 22, 2016
Brian Saelens, PhD, professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, was listed as a ‘highly cited researcher’ in the natural and social sciences by Clarivate Analytics. Saelens’ work focuses on the influence of environmental and psychosocial factors on weight-related behaviors.
KUOW | November 8, 2016
Doug Zatzick, MD, gives recommendations for self-care, staying tolerant, and channeling emotions into productivity.
UW Today | November 7, 2016
Debra Kaysen, PhD, was part of a study that gives hope to military members struggling with alcohol abuse.
The Seattle Times | November 7, 2016
Doug Zatzick, MD, discusses the stress of the presidential election and provides insights into how to cope with the outcome.
Seattle Magazine | November, 2016
Lucy Berliner, MSW, HCSATS, director of the Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress, was named to Seattle Magazine’s Hall of Fame in the “Research/Medicine/Science” category for being a trailblazer in the field of child sexual abuse and in training clinicians to assess and treat young sexual assault victims.
The Seattle Times | October 24, 2016
Alec Gibson, a student in the UW Medical Scientist Training Program, conducts research on the role serotonin plays in addiction and stress in John Neumaier's lab.
The New York Times | October 17, 2016
Michelle Garrison, PhD, MPH, describes the intersection of sleep and behavior problems in early childhood as a bidirectional “feedback whirlpool” and suggests consistent bedtimes can be helpful for young chidren having difficulty sleeping.
The Seattle Times | October 13, 2016
In a Letter to the Editor, Dimitry Davydow, MD, MPH, commends writer Jayson Jenks for his eye-opening profile of Seahawk Kevin Pierre-Louis and his struggle with depression. "It shows men with depression that if a Seahawks linebacker can open up and get help, perhaps they can, too."
Memory and Brain Wellness Center | October 13, 2016
A new study led by Gail Li, MD, PhD, and Leanne Sheppard, PhD, (Environmental Health) provides an extraordinary opportunity to develop comprehensive new insights into the effects of air pollution on the aging brain.
Psychiatric News | October 3, 2016
Bob Hilt, MD, writes about how two state Medicaid divisions used Collaborative Care to leverage child psychiatric expertise to impact the lives of whole populations of children.
Monitor on Psychology | October, 2016
Early career psychologist Kari Stephens, PhD, was named a rising star by the American Psychological Association for her work on Data QUEST, a groundbreaking project that helps community health clinics gather research data using electronic health records (EHRs).
Yakima Herald | September 28, 2016
Ray Hsiao, MD, talks about the public education that's necessary to help people understand when medications are appropriate in a story about Yakima doctors struggling to balance pain treatment with the threat of addiction.
UW Medicine Pulse Podcast | September 26, 2016
In this episode of UW Medicine's Pulse Podcast, find out how Dave Atkins, PhD, Pat Areán, PhD, and Deb Kaysen, PhD, are using video games, apps and other technologies to treat mental health issues from PTSD to Depression.
UW Medicine Brain and Wellness Center | September 20, 2016
Pat Areán, PhD, Steven Thielke, MD, MPH, and Emily Trittschuh, PhD, are highlighted in coverage of the UW Elder Friendly Futures Conference.
Seattle Children's On the Pulse blog | September 19, 2016
A new study in JAMA Pediatrics identifies Collaborative Care as a cost-effective treatment for depressed teens. Authors include Laura Richardson, MD, MPH, and Elizabeth McCauley, PhD.
King 5 | September 15, 2016
Timothy Bondurant, MD, clincial associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, is a member of the Heroin and Prescription Opiate Addiction Task Force that released a 99-page report with recommendations to improve prevention and treatment for heroin and opiate addicted users. Bondurant is also Medical Director of the Opioid Treatment Program in Seattle and a staff psychiatrist at VA Puget Sound. More information
Reno Gazette-Journal | September 6, 2016
Richard Veith, MD, in his role as the chair of the VA Geriatrics and Gerontology Advisory Committee, contributes to an OpEd piece on the VA's visionary system of geriatric research, education and clinical centers.
HSNewsbeat | September 1, 2016
Sara Webb, PhD, led a study that found exposure to diagnostic ultrasound in the first trimester of pregnancy is linked to increased autism severity for certain children with autism. Coverage through Kiro7, KUOW and King5.

HSNewsbeat | August 29, 2016
UW Medicine Telehealth initiative expands into psychiatry and addictions. Coverage in Puget Sound Business Journal.

Psychiatric News | August 26, 2016
Jürgen Unützer, MD, MPH, talks about new CPT codes and CMS payments for collaborative care and a national movement toward measurement-based practice.

NPR | August 15, 2016
Judith Turner, PhD, talks about the benefit of using behavioral techniques to help patients taper off of prescription medication.
Juvenile Justice Information Exchange | July 27, 2016
Sarah Cusworth Walker, PhD, believes the juvenile justice system should move away from a "child saving" endeavor.
HSNewsbeat | July 27, 2016
Seattle Children’s Autism Center led by interim director Raphael Bernier, PhD, uses an innovative approach to assess autism.
Scientific American | July 13, 2016
Charlies Wilkinson, PhD, and a small cadre of scientists study whether traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by battlefield explosions can damage soldiers’ pituitary glands in ways that cause lasting health problems.
The Whole U | July 8, 2016
The HaRRT Center’s co-directors Susan Collins, PhD, and Seema Clifasefi, PhD, talk about alternative pathways for treating addictive behaviors.
Social Work Today | July/August 2016
A multidisciplinary team including David Atkins, PhD, has developed a software tool that can evaluate the interaction between a therapist and a client.
Men's Health | June 22, 2016
Charles Wilkinson, PhD, suspects hormone deficiencies could be the root cause for many common symptoms attributed to PTSD.
HSNewsbeat | June 10, 2016
UW Medicine psychiatrist Jeffrey Sung, MD, works to convince clinicians that they can spot warning signs, ask hard questions, and make a lifesaving difference.
HSNewsbeat | June 10, 2016
Researchers Jeremy Clark, PhD, and Abigail Schindler, PhD, recently discovered the neural mechanism for why people who start drinking as adolescents are prone to develop alcohol problems and make riskier decisions as adults.

Psychiatric News | May 25, 2016
Heidi Combs, MD, MS, points out that psychiatric training of medical students who go into primary care and other medical specialties can be a powerful tool to addressing the stigma associated with mental illness.

BuzzFeed | May 20, 2016
A new study finds that “hyperthermia” could be helpful in treating depression. David Avery, MD, professor emeritus, comments.

HSNewsbeat | May 17, 2016
Treating your soul is the aim of the Integrated Psychosocial Oncology Program at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance led by UW Medicine psychiatrist Jesse Fann, MD, MPH. The SCCA is the first to implement the Collaborative Care model in a cancer-treatment setting.

Can software detect empathy?
KCTS 9 | May 6, 2016
David Atkins, PhD, talks about new feedback software that measures how empathetic a therapist is, which in turn helps rate the quality of care therapists deliver to their clients.
The Seattle Times | April 21, 2016
Raphael Bernier, PhD, clinical director of the Seattle Children’s Autism Center, is one of a number of autism experts at the University of Washington helping to launch the nation’s largest autism research study to date. The goal of the project is to identify genetic markers by collecting DNA and other information from 50,000 families.
HSNewsBeat | April 18, 2016
Judith Turner, PhD, and other UW health sciences faculty discuss their pioneering research in prescription opioid addiction and overdoses and the resulting opioid guidelines for Washington state, now mirrored by the CDC.
The Daily | April 5, 2016
Jason Kilmer, PhD, weighs in on the dangers of taking medications, alcohol, or marijuana to speed up the onset of sleep.
Fast Company | March 17, 2016
An app that targets smokers with severe mental illnesses was developed by Roger Vilardaga, PhD, and Seattle-based digital design firm Smashing Ideas.
Psychiatric News | March 3, 2016
Jürgen Unützer, MD, MPH, talks about a multi-tiered approach for integrating mental health care into primary care settings that involves increasing levels of involvement by behavioral health specialists based on the needs of the patient.
The Seattle Times | March 1, 2016
The UW Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute, directed by Dennis Donovan, PhD, will play a key role in King County’s new effort to tackle heroin addiction. Caleb Banta-Green, PhD, MPH, senior researcher at ADAI, is on the 32-member task force.
UW Medicine HEALTHworks| March, 2016
Mark Sullivan, MD, discusses the frequent interconnected relationship between mental health and heart health, and what can be done to help heart patients with depression.
Seattle Magazine | March, 2016
Michael V. Vitiello, PhD, talks about how our seasonal daylight swing can adversely affect mental health.
Seattle Magazine | February 2016
Congratulations to Jesse Fann, MD; Ray Hsiao, MD; Murray Raskind, MD; Carol Rockhill, MD, PhD; Peter Roy-Byrne, MD; Andy Saxon, MD; and Mark Snowden, MD, and for being included in Seattle Magazine's Top Doctors yearly list recognizing the most outstanding physicians in the region.
A BRIGHT Technological Future for Mental Health Trials
NIMH Science News
| February 19, 2016
A team led by Patricia Areán, MD, showed that research via smartphone app can work. 
KUOW ǀ February 11, 2016
Jack McClellan, MD, discusses the challenges faced in accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of psychotic disorders in children and adolescents.
KIRO 7 | February 10, 2016
David Avery, MD, explains how light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can help all Seattle residents through dark winters.
HS Newsbeat | February 4, 2016
Deborah Cowley, MD, and Amritha Bhat, MBBS, MD, are spearheading new programs that help moms receive the most effective and successful treatment for mental health conditions.
Hutch News | February 4, 2016​
Jesse Fann, MD, discusses the risk of depression for cancer patients and the importance of addressing it through proper screening and treatment.
BuzzFeedNews | Jan 31, 2016
Bryan King, MD, comments on a new study that highlights serious problems in how drug companies collect and report side effects.
Psychiatric News | January 29, 2016
Roger Vilardaga, PhD, is developing an evidence-based, easy to use mobile app to help patients with serious mental illness quit smoking.
NPR | January 26, 2016
Evette Ludman, PhD, discusses the newly released recommendations by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force to screen for depression during and after pregnancy.
Hutch News | January 21, 2016
Jesse Fann, MD, director of psychiatry and psychology services at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, discusses his experience with patient perceptions of cancer diagnosis.
UWToday | January 15, 2016
Department faculty members Brian Saelens, PhD, and the late Wayne Katon, MD, are included among “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds” for 2015.
The Whole U | January 14, 2016
Pat Areán, PhD, talks about the science behind mobile apps, like video games, that can improve mood, cognition, and social functioning.
HS NewsBeat| January 13, 2016
A team of brain injury experts including James Meabon, PhD, and Elaine Peskind, MD, are interviewed on their findings that show repeated exposure to explosions cause persistent dysfunction to the cerebellum.
U.S.News and World Report | January 13, 2016
UW Psychiatrist Elaine Peskind, MD, discusses the correlation between the severity of traumatic brain injury and the amount of explosions experienced, and what these injuries look like neurologically and socially.
The Seattle Times | January 13, 2016
A new study authored by a team of brain injury experts from the VA Puget Sound Health Care System and UW Medicine, including Elaine Peskind, MD, and James Meabon, MD, shows the cerebellum becomes increasingly damaged the more blasts veterans are exposed to.
Medscape | January 7, 2016
A new Psychiatric Services paper reports on the challenges and benefits psychiatrists and patients experience in an integrated care model. First author Kathyrn Norfleet, MD, an ACGME fellow in the Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship program, is quoted.