October 2017

Enrollment update 10.16.17
343 enrolled SPIRI​​T patients

SPIRIT ​patients reaching 12 month anniversary

As patients in Washington approach their 12th month enrolled in SPIRIT please review each patient with your SPIRIT Provider to prepare for transition to other continuing or outside services.  Our intervention team has prepared guidance on the discharge of patients from the study​ including when and how to update patient records in SPIRIT CMTS and, if necessary, in the SPIRIT enrollment web portal.

Website Updates 
FAQs​ updated for common study questions
How to Change a Patient's Status in the Web Portal​
When to Discharge/Inactivate​​ a patient from SPIRIT CMTS 
Adverse Event Report Form approved for WA/AR
All CHCs, please discuss any events with your SPIRIT Provider 
within 24 hours or as soon as possible

Any questions, concerns or assistance concerning project activities and tasks, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate individuals.​
The SPIRIT Patient Enrollment Web-Portal is available under Quick Links 
Check out SPIRIT Project Resources for more information on SPIRIT Launch. 
These resources consist of Guides for access to the Web-Portal ​and other documents to facilitate the SPIRIT Clinical Trial. 

Note:  If you are unable to open documents on this website - please try a different browser.  We have found that it tends to work best in Chrome.