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​​As a global leader in innovation and research in integrated care, we actively foster new ideas and treatments and encourage collaboration.

Research Networking Group

The Division of Population Health's monthly networking group is for researchers in integrated behavioral health care. The group explores ideas, provides feedback on research-in-progress, discusses grant proposals, and makes connections. For more information about the meeting or to sign up for email announcements, contact Tess Grover at grovet@uw.edu.

Meetings are routinely held on the fourth Monday of each month from 3:30-5:00 PM in the UW Health Sciences Building, Room BB1640, and can also be joined via Zoom video conferencing.

Upcoming meetings:

Monday, June 25
Developing Novel Payment Models for Early Interventions
Yuhua Bao, PhD

Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) is evidence-based approach to early interventions for psychosis. CSC is delivered by a team of clinicians and non-clinician specialists, based on the principles of shared decision making, and aimed at maximizing recovery. Currently, implementation of CSC is primarily supported by public resources. A congressional mandate in 2014 spurred implementation across states by earmarking part of the federal Mental Health Block Grant funds to states. Although these funds provided a fiscal stimulus to offer CSC, they are often inadequate to support wide dissemination. Sustained and population-level deployment of CSC hinges on more adequate and systematic payment mechanisms. However, there is little guidance to public and private payers as to how to structure payment to CSC providers to adequately cover the cost of service delivery while creating incentives for achieving individual well-being.

Yuhua Bao, PhD, will present ongoing research (funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) to develop a decision support tool to assist payers to design a novel payment system for CSC. The tool offers the flexibility of designing a single case rate payment versus multiple components featuring per-service and/or outcome-based payment. The objective is to help users tailor the payment design to local priorities and practices, determine the payment rates, and project pay-outs. Dr. Bao will present progress made so far in the project and demonstrate a prototype of the tool for feedback.

Global Mental Health Research Meeting 

Join other researchers interested in global mental health issues in an informal meeting focused on discussion and problem solving. We typically meet monthly and send out an agenda the week before. Join the listserv.