Global Mental Health

Mental illness is a major public health problem around the world and a leading cause of disability, yet in some low and middle income countries as many as 85% of people with mental health conditions don’t receive effective care. As a result, people die younger, endure disabling conditions, are less productive, and suffer from poverty. Mental illness affects individuals, families, and communities which all contribute to reduced productivity for a country as a whole.

Our Global Mental Health Program promotes global mental health by developing innovative and cost-effective interventions, working to address the global shortage of mental health professionals through effective workforce development programs, and partnering with local, national and global organizations to raise awareness and knowledge about mental health disorders. ​It is a regional interdisciplinary forum for research, training, and service-related activities aimed to address gaps in the implementation of effective global mental health interventions. The program is housed within the UW Department of Global Health.

Pamela Y. Collins, MD, MPH, directs the program and holds a joint appointment with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the Department of Global Health.