For the past four years, US News and World Report has recognized the Division of Addictions as one of the Top 10 drug and alcohol tracks in the country. We offer excellent training opportunities and multiple research and clinical settings within UW Medicine’s stimulating environment. Our dedicated faculty members publish in leading journals, serve on key editorial boards and research committees, edit the leading addictions reference text in the field (The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine) and engage in innovative addictions research, patient care, and education. Areas of excellence include college and early drinking problems, clinical treatment trials for substance use disorders, integrated models of addiction and co-occurring mental illnesses, opioid and other medication-assisted addiction treatment, and studies in the neuroscience of addictions. A key area for the Division has been contributing to state and national issues related to opioid addiction and overdoses.

Fostering a pipeline of top-notch fellows is one of our priorities. Our Addictions Track -- the only such entry track in the country -- recruits residents to our department prior to and in their initial year driving all of us to stay at the cutting-edge of our field. Our graduates function as clinical and research faculty at our various departmental sites and occupy key positions in regional hospitals and treatment centers.

Major addiction research programs include:



Richard Ries, MD

Director, Addictions Division

Medical Director, Outpatient Psychiatry and Addictions Program

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
P: 206-341-4216