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Welcome to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences!

With nearly 1,000 faculty, staff, and trainees, our department serves a five-state region known as WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho). We enjoy many of the same qualities as our Pacific Northwest home: an entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of discovery and a deep appreciation for the beauty and the diversity of our region and its people. We are an integral part of the University of Washington, a leading global university, and of the UW School of Medicine, a top ranked school in research and in primary care.  We are dedicated to improving the health of the public through research and discovery, training the next generation of health professionals and researchers, and improving the lives of people, one patient at a time.

Our scientists are engaged in cutting-edge research that helps us better understand the brain and behavior, paving the way for new treatments that will ultimately improve the lives of people in Seattle and around the world. Our research portfolio includes work in neurodevelopment and healthy brain aging, autism, a wide range of mental health and addiction problems and programs that bring much needed mental health care to underserved populations in the United States and abroad.  One of our best known innovations is the Collaborative Care model in which psychiatrists and other mental health specialists work closely with primary care providers to care for the emotional and physical needs of our patients. Our research has demonstrated that Collaborative Care leads to better patient satisfaction, better clinical outcomes and lower health care costs, helping us achieve the ‘Triple Aim’ of Health Care Reform.


In the News

Memory & Brain Wellness Center | Oct 13, 2016
A new study led by Gail Li, MD, PhD and Leanne Sheppard, PhD (Environmental Health) provides an extraordinary opportunity to develop comprehensive new insights into the effects of air pollution on the aging brain.

Psychiatric News | October 3, 2016
Bob Hilt, MD writes about how two state Medicaid divisions used Collaborative Care to leverage child psychiatric expertise to impact the lives of whole populations of children.

Monitor on Psychology | October, 2016
Early career psychologist Kari Stephens, PhD was named a rising stars by the American Psychological Association for her work on Data QUEST, a groundbreaking project that helps community health clinics gather research data using electronic health records (EHRs).

Yakima Herald | September 28, 2016
Ray Hsiao, MD talks about the public education that's necessary to help people understand when medications are appropriate in a story about Yakima doctors struggling to balance pain treatment with the threat of addiction.

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