Elective Courses

Faculty in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences offer the following elective courses for medical and graduate students.
PBSCI 525: Psychiatry and the Law
Offered: Spring Quarter (M, 7:00-9:20 PM)
Psychiatry and the Law is a dynamic class taught by Jennifer Piel, PhD and Ed Goldenberg, PhD aimed at trainees interested in learning more about the fascinating interface of law and psychiatry. Learners participate in didactic curriculum, explore the ethical issues in forensic research, and design and complete an individual research project. To register, go through the main campus registration process.
PBSCI 546/EPI 546: Psychiatric Epidemiology
Offered: Spring Quarter
Psychiatric Epidemiology applies epidemiological methods to the study of mental illnesses. Topics include occurrence and distribution of mental illness, classification of psychiatric disorders; treatment-based vs. community-based studies; epidemiology of depression and schizophrenia; familial transmission; developmental epidemiology; mental illness and violence. Prerequisite: one course in epidemiology or permission of instructor. Offered jointly with EPI 546.