Center for Pain Relief

The Center for Pain Relief at UWMC--Roosevelt is the first multidisciplinary pain clinic of its kind. Launched in 1961, it brings together physicians, psychologists, physical therapists, vocational counselors, and others to treat patients with chronic pain.

Because chronic pain is an emotional condition as well as a physical sensation, UW Medicine psychiatrists are part of the multidisciplinary team. Pain is a complex experience that affects thought, mood, and behavior and can lead to isolation, immobility, and drug dependence. People with chronic pain have three times the average risk of developing psychiatric symptoms — usually mood or anxiety disorders — and depressed patients have three times the average risk of developing chronic pain.

Directed by Drs. Mark Sullivan and Judy Turner, the behavioral health component of the UWMC Center for Pain Relief offers pain-focused psychiatry and psychology consultation and short-term treatment. This typically includes psychopharmacological and cognitive-behavioral treatment focused on lessening the burden of pain, anxiety and depression.

The Center for Pain Relief also serves as a training ground for the UW Psychiatry Residency Training Program. Residents work with Dr. Sullivan or Dr. Howe doing consultations and follow-ups in the clinic. This is an elective rotation open to fourth year residents.

For more information, please contact
Mark Sullivan, MD, PhD
(206) 543-3924

Catherine Howe, MD, PhD
(206) 616-7957