Seattle Children's Hospital

UW Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences faculty are part of the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine team at Seattle Children's Hospital that works to diagnose, treat and prevent problems with emotions and behavior. The team sees children and teens up to age 18, and sometimes​ longer, if they still need care from mental health experts who treat young people.
Seattle Children's provides short-term individual and group treatment using methods that have been proven to help. If your child needs longer-term care, we connect you with people and resources in the community who can meet your child's needs. Children with ​complex mental health problems may need to stay in the hospital and if this happens, we have the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit (PBMU) with 25 beds. Our focus in the PBMU is to help your child during a mental health crisis and ensure their immediate safety.

Please visit Seattle Children's Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine for additional information about our inpatient and outpatient services, the conditions we treat, the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine team, and more.
Elizabeth McCauley, PhD, ABPP
Elizabeth McCauley, PhD, ABPP
Interim Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences