Harborview Medical Center

Harborview Medical Center (HMC) Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is a critical safety net for disadvantaged patients with severe mental illness and substance abuse, both acute and chronic.  HMC has a psychiatric emergency services (PES) team within the emergency department. This dedicated service is staffed 24/7 by a psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, and nurses with support from social workers and chemical dependency counselors working within a designated space with 10 individual patient rooms and evaluates more than 5000 patients yearly.  Annually, more than 1300 patients are admitted to HMC's 61 inpatient beds for voluntary and involuntary treatment of psychiatric and co-occurring substance use conditions; approximately 1000 new consultations are provided for mental illness and addictive disorders to medical and surgical inpatients. Harborview has extensively integrated behavioral health care within the primary care clinics and has long-term clinics including psychotherapy, geriatric and addiction specialists and provides 90,000 visits for care of patients with severe and persistent mental illness within Harborview's Mental Health and Addiction Services outpatient clinic. In addition to this remarkable safety-net function, Department faculty members at HMC sponsor a rapidly expanding program in psychiatric health services research and in cutting-edge laboratory-based neuroscience research.

Psychiatry Hospital-based Services

Psychiatry Consultation Service for Outpatient Clinics at Harborview - Psychiatry and psychology consultation is offered to patients receiving care at the primary and specialty care clinics at Harborview.  For additional details please click here​.

Psychiatry Consultation Service at Harborview - Services may include psychiatric assessment and consultation with the referring provider, medication initiation and stabilization, and recommendations for ongoing mental health care as indicated.  For additional details please click he​re.

Addictions Program at Harborview - Provides integrated chemical dependency, mental health and medical primary care treatment in an outpatient setting to assist people with chemical abuse and dependency problems. Treatment is also provided to individuals with co-occurring chemical dependency and mental health disorders, those in need of opiate replacement therapy and patients with co-morbid medical issues.  For additional details please click here.

Psychiatry Resident Care Clinic at Harborview - The Psychiatry Resident Clinic at Harborview offers time-limited outpatient psychiatric care that focuses on evaluation and treatment of a broad range of psychiatric conditions in adults.  For additional details please click here.

Psychotherapy Clinic at Harborview - The Psychotherapy Clinic at Harborview provides evidence-based behavioral interventions in two programs with medication management available. A brief cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) clinic provides services for individuals with depression and anxiety. Interventions include behavioral activation, panic control treatment, CBT for social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder, and the collaborative assessment and management of suicidality (CAMS). For additional details please click here.

Madison Clinic at Harborview (HIV/AIDS Care) – The Madison Clinic at Harborview provides medical care and social services for persons living with HIV/AIDS regardless of sexual orientation, race or ability to pay. For additional details please click here.

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​​Mark Snowden, MD, MPH
Vice Chair for Clinical Services