Mental Health Integration Program (MHIP)

CountryDoctor.jpgFaculty and staff in the UW Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences provide a variety of training and clinical consultation services to community clinics participating in the Mental Health Integration Program (MHIP), a statewide program serving clients with medical, mental health, and substance abuse needs. MHIP, supported and administered by the Community Health Plan of Washington in partnership with Public Health - Seattle and King County, provides high quality mental health screening and treatment as part of an evidence- and outcome-based Collaborative Care approach to treat common mental conditions experienced by patients who are being served primarily in Federally Qualified Community Health Centers.

Department faculty provide adult psychiatric consultation to on-site behavioral Care Coordinators and primary care providers via a combination of telephonic, video, in-person, and email consultation. Consultations focus on patients who present with severe symptoms and those who are not meeting treatment expectations. Treatment recommendations can include medication, behavioral interventions, or both. UW psychiatrists assist and guide primary care staff in developing a referral plan for patients needing more intensive mental health services.

The Collaborative Care team uses a clinical decision-making tool and patient registry (CMTS) to track and measure patient goals and clinical outcomes, and to facilitate treatment adjustment if a patient is not improving as expected. MHIP also utilizes pay-for-performance mechanisms to support model fidelity and prioritize patient outcomes. Training and workforce efforts for this project focus on the whole team and all providers are trained on the fundamentals of Collaborative Care.
Over 45,000 individuals have received integrated mental health services through MHIP since its inception in 2007, and the program now includes over 130 primary care clinics across the state.
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