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Tutor List
Please note:
  • The Department of Physics, by providing this list, does not recommend or endorse any of the tutors; nor has it confirmed or otherwise investigated the qualification, abilities, or actual availability of those listed.
  • The individuals listed below have asked that they be listed as being able to tutor students taking undergraduate physics courses.
  • These are paid tutors and hourly fees vary.
  • To be added to the list, please email the appropriate information to Margot Nims (

NameContact InfoExperience

Matthew Adams

​(206) 225-6494

- ​M.S Chemistry; in current UW Physics Evening Masters Program
- 3 years' experience tutoring and TAing:

  • Physics 121, 122, 123 and 114, 115, 116
  • General Chemistry CHEM 142, 152, 162
  • Math 120, 124, 125, 126

Jesse Ashworth

​(206) 673-6481

​-  B.S. Physics, B.S. Mathematics from University of Washington
-  Lead math tutor at CLUE (Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment)
-  Tutored math at CLUE for 4 years (MATH 120/124/125/126, 307/308/309, 324, and beyond); total of 5 yearsʼ math tutoring experience
-  Two quarters of experience as a TA for PHYS 121/122 tutorials
-  Will tutor high school physics, PHYS 114/115/116, 121/122/123, 224, 225, 226, 227/228, 321/322/323, 324/325, 328 + high school math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus), MATH 100/102/103, MATH 111/112, MATH 120/124/125/126, MATH 134/135/136, MATH 300, MATH 307/308/309, MATH 324, MATH 327/328, MATH 334/335/336, MATH 394/395, MATH 402/403/404, MATH 411/412, MATH 424/425/426, MATH 427/428, MATH 441/442/443
- I am happy to work with you regardless of your experience level!  I understand that math and physics can be very challenging, but I think that the challenges involved can be overcome with dedication and a positive mindset.  If you think you can get better at math/physics and seek help when you need it, you WILL get better, and perhaps come to enjoy math/physics more as a result!  My primary goal as a tutor is to help you with this process as best as I can.

Neal Carroll

​(253) 941-7284

​- B.S. Physics, Summa Cum Laude, MBA
- Aerospace Engineer/Physicist; 25 years experience
- 7 years tutoring experience (high school, undergraduate, and graduate students)
       - Physics (undergraduate)
       - Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, pre-Calc, Calculus,
       Differential Equations, Statistics

Sheh Lit Chang


​- B.Sc Physics from National University of Singapore
- Tutored physics since 2011
- Current Physics PhD student
- TA for 12X Tutorials

Alex Cramer

​- Professional tutor
- BS in Physics from UW Madison
- 7 years experience teaching college level physics and math
- Experience tutoring students with learning disabilities and test anxiety
- Happy to work with students of all experience levels

Beth Evans
(206) 504-9507

​- Many years experience tutoring high school and college physics
- Will tutor Physics 114, 115, 116, 121, 122, 123
- Recommendations available

Stephen French

​Phone: (208) 703-8656

​- UW Physics PhD candidate
- 3 years experience as TA for 121, 122, 123
- 1.5 years experience as a TA for QM
- 1.5 years experience as a TA for E&M

Seth Gordon

​- Senior Physics Major and C.L.U.E. tutor at MGH from 7pm-12am select evenings.
- *5*+ years experience tutoring pre-college and remedial algebra.
- *4*+ years experience tutoring *calculus based physics* in a university setting.
- *3*+ years experience tutoring *AP* and *IB physics* for high school seniors.
- *2*+ years tutoring *Quantum Mechanics* and *Electromagnetism *at the 300+ Level.
- I am happy to help with introductory physics.
- I am also very excited to help improve anyone's *Quantum Mechanics*!

David Greenberg

​- Degree from NYU; significant physics coursework
- 3+ years experience as college level physics instructor
- 3+ years experience teaching math through calculus (including statistics)
- Certified by

Rachel Hinman

​- Honors double B.A. in physics and math from Harvard
- Masters in Physics from U.C. Berkeley
- Experience TAing calculus-based physics at U.C. Berkeley
- Experience tutoring math for all age groups
- Interested in tutoring mechanics and electromagnetism (UW 121/122/114/115)

Bryce Kalmbach

​(206) 478-6751

​- Current Physics PhD student with B.S. in Physics and Astronomy
- Have been a TA for Phys 11x and 12x classes
- Tutored professionally since 2010
- Will tutor both beginning and advanced math, physics, and astronomy

Jesse Kineman

(206) 234-9894

​- BS Physics
- MS Nuclear Engineering
- Phys 114-116 & 121-123

Claudiu Litan

​(425) 351-4331

​- Will tutor: PHYS 114-116, 121-123, 227, MATH 124-126, 324, High School Math and Physics
- Rates and locations negotiable

Joe Maciarz

​Tutoring online- never leave your room

​- Masters in Physics
- 20 yrs tutoring physics (up to graduate level), math (up to Linear Algebra), engineering chemistry (basic and physical), and computers (varies)

Katie McAlpine

​(352) 942-3056
Contact me directly to schedule a session, but to view reviews from students and more information, visit

​- UW Physics PhD student (started in 2013)
- B.A. in Physics from New College of Florida
- Former TA for the 12x intro sequence
- 3 years of experience in tutoring 114-116, 121-123
- First hour is $30
- Afterwards I charge $50/hr
- Group tutoring at no additional charge

Thanh Nguyen

​(626) 248-0917

​- 2 years experience tutoring Math and Physics at Seattle Central Community College and Washington State University.
- B.S. in Civil Engineering. 
- Working on a Construction Management certificate at Edmond Community College right now.
- Prefer to tutor Math 124/125/126; Physics 121-123, 224; and/or 225, 227.

Gorm Nykreim

​- BS Physics/Astronomy and Chemistry from UW
- MS Physics & Astronomy from Caltech
- 10+ years teaching experience in math, physics, chemistry, and many other subjects.
- Specializing in improving systematic problem-solving skills

Doug Oien

​- M.A. Mathematics, UW
- B.S. Physics and Math, UW
- 20+ years on UW staff developing and running Math/Physics/Chemistry/Engineering Tutoring Program
- Courses I Tutor - Freshman Physics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics, Advanced Calculus/Applied Analysis through graduate level including Fourier Series, Orthogonal Functions and Boundary Value Problems

Chegg Physics Tutors

​Ivy League graduates and highly experienced physics tutors available round-the-clock for guiding students in everything from basic concepts of physics to advanced courses.

Tyson Price

​Phone: (703) 531-9826

​3+ years TAing and Teaching for UW undergrad and graduate physics classes as well as giving private math and physics tutoring for much of that time.

Christopher Provencher

​Phone: (253) 282-9656
(Text & Email Preferred)

​- UW Aeronautics & Astronautics PhD Student
- M.S in Aeronautics & Astronautics (2018)  
- M.S in Physics (2018)
- B.S in Physics (2015)
- B.S in Applied Mathematics (2015)
- Minor in Computer Science (2015)
- Math, Physics, Engineering
- Study In Person and/or Online
- Study In Private and/or In Study Groups
- Skills Preparation
- Exam Preparation
- Ask About Specific Courses
- Ask About Special Discounts

Seattle Tutoring Services

​- Experienced physics, chemistry, and math tutors at high school and university levels.
- Includes current UW students and grads w/ course specific expertise.

David Skelding

​(206) 729-0465

​- PhD in Physics from UW
- 10+ years teaching experience
- will tutor 100-300 level Physics and 100-200 level Math

Caleb Strickland

​- Senior (graduating June, '10) in Physics, Math, and Astronomy
- Can tutor 100 level physics and math as well as all High School physics/math (including AP/IB)

Brady Trainor


​- B.S. UW 2010 Major: Mathematics (Comprehensive) Minor: Physics (Mathematical)

- Can assist with:
** Algebra- and Calculus-based Physics
** Through Junior-level Mathematics