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This year's annual US ATLAS Physics Workshop will be held at the University of Washington Seattle between August 4th and August 7th.  The first day of the workshop is open to all interested in LHC physics. The subsequent days will be only for members of the ATLAS collaboration.​ If you are not a member of the ATLAS collaboration please register only for the first day of the workshop, titled "Roadmap Toward Discoveries in the LHC Run 2".

The agenda of the open day is to focus on innovative ideas of new physics searches in the LHC Run 2, in particular on those exciting subjects which may have been overlooked by the ATLAS and CMS in Run 1. The agenda includes:
  • Matthew Reece: Cosmology & LHC
  • Daniela Bortoletto: Higgs experiment
  • Joe Lykken and Michael Peskin: Two different views of the Higgs boson and Naturalness 
  • Yuri Gershtein: BSM experiment
  • Liang-Tao Wang: BSM theory
  • Frank Wuerthwein: SUSY experiment
  • Ann Nelson: New Physics in Run 2
  • Steve Ellis: Jet Substructure
  • Shufang Su: Future Collider
The agenda of the closed day includes review of LHC Run 1 results, preparation for LHC Run 2, ATLAS upgrade and Poster session.

​Local Organizing Committee ​Open Day Organization Committee ​Closed Day Organization Committee ​Contact
Anna Goussiou
Shih-Chieh Hsu (chair)
Henry Lubatti
Joe Rothberg
Gordon Watts

​Chip Brock
Ashutosh Kotwal
Jason Nielsen
John Rutherfoord
Gabriella Sciolla 
Erich Varnes
Higgs: Joseph Kroll
Standard Model/Top/B Phys/HI: Ben Brau
Exotics/SUSY: Masahiro Morii
Upgrade/Computing: Bing Zhou
Combined Performance: Reinhard Schwienhorst​
Poster: Reinhard Schwienhorst
​Shih-Chieh Hsu
Assistant Professor in Physics
University of Washington Seattle

Phone: (510)529-8657
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