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The workshop will take place on the University of Washington campus.USATLAS_ConferenceMap.tiff

The Plenary Sessions

All the plenary sessions, and some of the larger breakout sessions, will take place in Alder Commons Auditorium​.

Parallel Rooms

Please refer to the agenda for details of other smaller breakout sessions  in one of these rooms : Alder 103Alder 105, Alder 107​

Where to hang out and work

There are many cafe and bars around campus and study rooms in the campus library. If you want a quiet office or a small confrerence room for discussion. Plesae contact as early as possible.

What is Seattle Weather Like?

We normally tell ousiders how crappy the weather is so the​y don't move here. But you do enjoy nice weather for a couple of hours in each day. The forcast is cool with scattered showers and sun breaks. Theweather underground has a decent weather history. We've seen it warm and in the 70's, and we've seen it cold and rainy in the 50's. Check the forcast before you travel and hourly forcast​ while you are here.​