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Where To Go To Eat

​You are on your own to explore for all meals for the conference. Those of you staying in the dorms will have $20/day on a debit card that can be spent for lunch, coffee, breakfast, etc. at the university market, cafes, and cafeterias.


The "Ave" is packed with small restaurants that cater to almost anything from seriously-cheap to medium priced. Given we have 1.5 hours for lunch, this is the proper place to eat. Most places do not have large tables, so expect to split up into groups of 4 to 8. There are many more than we can list here, but this is a start. You may want to just wonder down the Ave until you find something you like. The below list is a partial list of places that UW folks like to frequent for lunches - but don't feel limited by it!

  • Agua Verde - Good Baja Mexican food, water view
  • Cafe Solstice - Coffee, sandwiches, soups
  • H-bar Cafe​ - 1st floor of the physics building (right next to our coffee break location). Limited selection - decent soups. Sandwiches that are 90% bread. (note: Not open on Sunday, closes at 3pm on Monday and Tuesday) **
  • Vista Cafe - Quick, close, nice views, lots of tables. Lots of tables. (note: not open on Sunday!) **
  • The Rotunda - Quick, close. Larger variety of food, some prep-to-order, but more cafeteria style.
  • Schultzy's Sausages - Not for vegetarians. Very good.
  • Cafe Molly at the Henry Art Gallery - good salads, soups, and sandwiches
  • Korean Tofu House - yummy, cheap Korean food.
  • Big Time Brew Pub - sandwiches, pizza, beer (good for dinner too).
  • Little Thai - Thai

Here is a map of all the above places, with the Physics Department & ARC 147 being the first time, so you can guage walking distances.

** are your best bet for a very quick lunch. The Vista Cafe also has a better selection of fruit, etc., than the h-bar, decent sandwiches, and you can ask for any of there food to-go. Allow 15 minutes for food prep if there is a long line in front of you, otherwise it will be quick (less than 5).

Yelp, a useful restaurant locator, can give you a more interactive listing:


Dinner is a more personal affair, and you have more time. So get out there an explore - I think most of us that live here will tell you it has more good restaurants per capita than other places we've lived.

Generally, the Ave is a great place to find a fast and cheap and often good dinner. Explore a little. If you are looking for something better, then walk over to University Village - it is a mall with a number of pretty decent restaurants in it (Boom Noodles, a local phenomena (but with lots of kids), Blue-C Sushi, to upscale Italian Piatti's).

To help you get started below is a list of places that various locals really like. Most of the locals that we pinged are faculty, of course, which is going to skew the price range (and location). Grab a taxi - it will be the fastest way to get back and forth. The bus service works well too.

  • Poppy (Captial Hill) - $$$ - Tapas, Indian influence
  • Monsoon (Captial Hill) - $$$ - Vietnamese, Fusion
  • Volunteer Park Cafe (Capital Hill) - $$ - American
  • Tamarind Tree (Central District) - $$ - Vietnamese
  • Kabul Afgan Cuisine (Wallingford) - $$
  • La Spiga (Captial Hill) - $$ - Italian - authentic, some call it the best in Seattle
  • Chocolati (Greenlake) - $ - go for the hot chocolate (but this is a distance away)
  • Ray's Boat House (Ballard) - $$$ - especially the happy hour (or after 9 pm).
  • The Harvest Vine (Central District) - $$$ - Spanish, Basque
  • Tavalata (Belltown) - $$$ - Italian
  • Pintxo (Belltown) - $$ - Basque Tapas, very small, outdoor seating, and situated below a real mixologist's hipster bar.
  • Coterie Room & Spur - $$$ - American - first is more relaxed, the second is definately high end. Reservations for the latter almost a must.

NOTE: Sunday is Gay Pride parade day - as a result I would expect the restaurants up on Capital Hill to be mobbed. Of course, that might also be where the fun is going to be! If you want to eat up there please call ahead!

Here is a map of all of the above places so you can see them in relation to the conference location.

Beer & Coffee

Part of the point of the workshop is to sit and talk. There are lots of coffee shops around the university - most on the Ave cater to this sort of thing. Find one. The Big Time Brew Pub (see above) brews its own beer and has large tables where a group of 8 can easily sit down and talk and enjoy a good beer. UW is a member of the ATLAS collaboration, and thus we recommend trying the ATLAS Amber - really tasty!​