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This last in the series of Energy Frontier workshops will take place from June 30th to July 3rd on the University of Washington Seattle campus. Join us as we get ready for the big Snowmass on the MIssissippi meeting!

Registration is $150 for the full 4 days (9am on June 30 to 12:30pm on July 3rd). Register on the registration page. A basic meeting schedule is availible from the Agenda page.


With the completion of the Tevatron program, the High Energy Frontier is now located at CERN, where the Large Hadron Collider offers a program of discovery that may continue for twenty years or longer. DPF is organizing a study of future possibilities for the US high energy community which will culminate in a Snowmass on the Mississippi meeting, July 29-August 6 2013. This is the last Energy Frontier meeting before the full Snowmass meeting.
The task of the High Energy Frontier study group is to investigate the major areas of particle physics relevant to possible high energy accelerators, to review their current state, and to map the opportunities they provide for future discoveries.
In addition, these studies should explore the motivations for other possible energy frontier accelerators that may complement the LHC. Questions for all groups