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Selected Publications
  • T. Karin, R. Barbour, C. Santori, Y. Yamamoto, Y. Hirayama, and K.-M.C. Fu, "Radiative properties of multi-carrier bound excitons in GaAs," Physical Review B 91, 165204 (2015)

  • J.R. Schaibley, T. Karin, H. Yu, J. S. Ross, P. Rivera, A. M. Jones, M. E. Scott, J. Yan, D. G. Mandrus, W. Yao, K.-M. Fu, and X. Xu​, "Population pulsation resonances of excitons in monolayer MoSe2 with sub 1 µeV linewidth," Physical Review Letters 114, 137402​ (2015)

  • ​​​T. Karin, S. Dunham, K-M.Fu,"Alignment of the diamond nitrogen vacancy center by strain engineering," Applied Physics Letters 105, 053106 (2014)

  • M. Gould, R.J.Barbour, N.Thomas, H. Arami, K.M. Krishnan, K.-M.C.Fu , "Room-temperature detection of a single 19 nm super-paramagnetic nanoparticle with an imaging magnetometer," Applied Physics Letters 105, 0724060 (2014)

  • N. Thomas, R.J. Barbour, Y. Song, M.L. Lee, and K.-M.C. Fu, "Waveguide-integrated single-crystalline GaP resonantors on diamond," Optics Express 22, 13555 (2014)

  • T. Ishikawa, K.​-M. C. Fu, C. Sant​ori, V.M. Acosta, R.G. Beausoleil, R. Watanabe, S. Shikata, K.M. Itoh, "Optical and spin coherence properties of nitrogen-vacancy centers placed in a 100 nm thick isotopically purified diamond layer," Nano Letters 12, 2083​ (2012)

  • V.M. Acosta, C. Santori, A. Faraon, Z. Huang, ​K.-M. C. Fu, A. Stacey, D.A. Simpson, S. Tomlijenovic-Hanic, A.D. Greentree, S. Prawer, R.G. Beausoleil, "Dynamic stabilization of the optical resonances of single nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond," Physical Review Letters 108, 206401 (2012)

  • P. E. Barclay, K.-M. C. Fu, C. Santo​ri, A. Faraon, and R. G. Beausoleil, "Hybrid nanocavity resonant enhancement of color center emission in diamond," Physical Review X 1, 011007 (2011)

  • A. Faraon, P. E. Barclay, C. Santori, K.-M. C. Fu, and R. G. Beausoleil, "Resonant enhancement of the zero-phonon emission from a color center in a diamond cavity, " Nature Photonics 5, 301 (2011)

  • K.-M. C. Fu, C. Santori, P. E. Barclay, L. Rogers, N. Manson, and R. G. Beausoleil, "Observation of the dynamic Jahn-Teller effect in the excited states of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond," Physical Review Letters 103, 256404 (2009)

  • S.M. Clark, K-M. C. Fu, Q. Zhang, T.D. Ladd, C. Stanley, and Y.Yamamoto, "Ultrafast optical spin echo for electron spins in semiconductors," ​ Physical Review Letters 102, 247601 (2009)

  • K.-M. C. Fu, S. M. Clark, C. Santori, C.R. Stanley, M.C. Holland, Y. Yamamoto, "Ultrafast control of donor-bound electron spins with single detuned optical pulses," Nature Physics 4, 780 (2008).

  • K.-M. C. Fu, C. Santori, C. Stanley, M. C. Holland, and Y. Yamamoto, "Coherent Population Trapping of Electron Spins in a High-Purity n-Type GaAs Semiconductor," Physical Review Letterrs 95, 187405 (2005)

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