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42. ​​Coherence properties of shallow donor qubit in ZnO
Xiayu Linpeng, Maria L.K. Viitaniemi, Aswin Vishnuradhan, Y. Kozuka, Cameron Johnson, M. Kawasaki, Kai-Mei C. Fu
quant-ph arXiv:1802.03483
41. ​​Frequency control of single quantum emitters in integrated photonic circuits
Emma R. Schmidgall, Srivatsa Chakravarthi, Michael Gould, Ian R. Christen, Karine Hestroffer, Fariba Hatami, Kai-Mei C. Fu
Nano Letters 18, 1175 (2018)
40. ​​Van der Waals engineering of ferromagnetic semiconductor heterostructures for
spin and valleytronics
 Ding Zhong, Kyle L. Seyler, Xiayu Linpeng, Ran Cheng, Nikhil Sivadas, Bevin Huang, Emma Schmidgall, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Michael A. McGuire, Wang Yao, Di Xiao, Kai-Mei C. Fu, Xiaodong Xu
Science Advances 3, e1603113 (2017)​

39. ​​Dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced magnetic field sensitivity and decoherence spectroscopy of an ensemble of near-surface nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
 Kento Sasaki, Ed E. Kleinsasser, Zhouyang Zhu, Wen-Di Li, Hideyuki Watanabe, Kai-Mei C. Fu, Kohei M Itoh, Eisuke Abe
Applied Physics Letters, 110, 192407 (2017)
38. ​Investigation of coherence time of a nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond created by a low-energy nitrogen implantation 
Chathuranga Abeywardana, Zaili Peng, Laura C Mugica, Edward Kleinsasser, Kai-Mei C. Fu, Susumu Takahashi 
Applied Magnetic Resonance 48, 571 (2017) 

37. ​​Efficient extraction of zero-phonon-line photons from single nitrogen-vacancy centers in an integrated GaP-on-diamond platform
 Michael Gould, Emma R. Schmidgall, Shabnam Dadgostar, 
Fariba Hatami, Kai-Mei C. Fu
Physical Review Applied 6, 011001  (2016) ​
36. ​​Longitudinal spin relaxation of donor-bound electrons in direct bandgap semiconductors
 Xiayu Linpeng*, Todd Karin*, M.V. Durnev,  Russell Barbour, M.M. Glazov, E. Ya Sherman, S. Watkins, S. Seto, Kai-Mei C. Fu
35. ​​Giant permanent dipole moment of 2D excitons bound to a single stacking fault
Todd Karin*, Xiayu Linpeng*, M.M. Glazov, M.V. Durnev
E.L. Ivchenko, Sarah Harvey, A.K. Rai, A. Ludwig, 
A.D. Wieck, Kai-Mei C. Fu
Chosen as an Editor's Suggestion

34. ​High density nitrogen-vacancy sensing surface created via He+ ion implantation of 12C diamond
Ed E. Kleinsasser, Matthew M. Stanfield, Jannel K.Q. Banks, Zhouyang Zhu, Wen-Di. Li, Victor M.Acosta, Hideyuki Watanabe, Kohei M. Itoh, Kai-Mei C. Fu
33. ​Large-scale GaP-on-diamond integrated photonics platform for NV center-based quantum information
Mike Gould, Srivatsa Chakravarthi, Ian R. Christen, Nicole Thomas, Shabnam Dadgostar, Yuncheng Song, Minjoo L. Lee, 
Fariba Hatami, and Kai-Mei C. Fu
32. ​Radiative properties of multi-carrier 
bound excitons in GaAs
Todd Karin, Russell Barbour, Charles Santori, Yoshihisa Yamamoto, 
Yoshiro Hirayama, and Kai-Mei C. Fu
31. Population pulsation resonances of excitons in monolayer MoSe2 with sub 1 µeV linewidth
John R. Schaibley, Todd Karin, Hongyi Yu, Jason S. Ross, Pasqual Rivera, Aaron M. Jones, Marie E. Scott, Jiaqiang Yan,
D. G. Mandrus, Wang Yao, Kai-Mei Fu, and Xiaodong 
Physical Review Letters 114, 137402​ (2015)
30. Alignment of the diamond nitrogen vacancy center
by strain engineering

​​​Todd Karin, Scott Dunham, Kai Mei Fu
Applied Physics Letters 105, 053106 (2014)
29. Room-temperature detection of a single
19 nm super-paramagnetic nanoparticle 
with an imaging magnetometer

Mike Gould, Russell J.Barbour, Nicole Thomas, Hamed Arami,
Kannan M. Krishnan, Kai-Mei C.Fu

Applied Physics Letters 105, 0724060 (2014)
28Waveguide-integrated single-crystalline GaP resonantors on diamond
Nicole Thomas, Russell J. Barbour, Yuncheng Song,
Minjoo L. Lee, Kai-Mei C. Fu

Optics Express 22, 13555 (2014)
27. Quantum photonic devices in
single-crystal di
Andrei  Faraon, Charles Santori, Zhihong Huang, Kai-Mei C. Fu, Victor M. Acosta, David Fattal, and Raymond G. Beausoleil
New Journal of Physics 15, 025010 (2013) 
26. Production of oriented nitrogen-vacancy color centers in syntheti​c diamond
A.M. Edmonds, U.F.S. D'Haenens-Johansson, R.J. Cruddace, 
Mark E. Newton, Kai-Mei C. Fu, Charles Santori,
Raymond G. Beausoleil, Daniel J. Twitchen, Matthew L. Markham

Physical Review B 86, 035201 (2012)​​
25. Near-surface spectrally stable nitrogen vacancy centres engineered in single crystal diamond
Alastair Stacy, ​David A. Simpson, Timothy J. Karle, Brant C. Gibson, Victor M. Acosta, Zhiihong Huang, Kai-Mei C. Fu, Charles Santori, Raymond G. Beausoleil, Liam P. McGuinness, Kumaravelu Ganesan, Snejezana Tomljenovic-H​​anic, Andrew D. Greentree, and Steven Prawer
Advanced Materials 24, 3333​ (2012)
24. Optical and spin coherence properties of nitrogen-vacancy centers placed in a 100 nm thick isotopically purified diamond layer
​​Toyofumi Ishikawa, Kai​-Mei C. Fu, Charles Sant​ori,
Victor M. Acosta, Raymond G. Beausoleil,
Hideyuki Watanabe, Shinichi Shikata, Kohei M. Itoh

Nano Letters 12, 2083​ (2012)
23. Dynamic stabilization of the optical resonances of single nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
Victor M. Acosta, Charles Santori, Andrei Faraon, Zhihong Huang, ​Kai-Mei C. Fu, Alastair Stacey, David A. Simpson, Snejezana Tomlijenovic-Hanic, Andrew D. Greentree, Steven Prawer, Raymond G. Beausoleil
22. An upper limit on the lateral vacancy diffusion length in diamond
Julian O. Orwa, K. Ganesan, J. Newnham, Charles Santori, Paul Barclay, Kai-Mei C. Fu, Raymond G. Beausoleil, Igor Aharonovich, B.A. Fairchild, P. Olivero, Andrew D. Greentree, Steven Prawer
Diamond and Related Matrials 24, 6​ (2012)​
​21. Hybrid nanocavity resonant enhancement of color center emission in diamond
Paul E. Barclay, Kai-Mei C. Fu, Charles Santo​ri,
Andrei Faraon, Raymond G. Beausoleil

Physical Review X  1, 011007 (2011)

Publications Prior to UW:

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