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Atomic forc​​​e micro​​scope


Bruker Dimension Edge​

Dimension Edge.jpg
Optica​​l microscopes

Zeiss Axiovert with 3.4 mm Whigh power LWD lenses

Marzhauser nanomanipulator, Tango 3 desktop controller

Olympus BX51

Heated transfer stages

Microscopy lab.jpg


He-4 VTI and He-3 inserts in an 16 T Oxford superconducting​ magnet dewar with helium reliquifier

Blue cryostat.jpg
Adsorption system​​​

based on a Janis closed-cycled 4 K cryocooler
Adsorption cryotat.jpg
Optical cryostat​​​

Montana Instruments 4 K cyrostation with 7 T superconducting magnet and free-space optics
Montana cryostat.jpg

in which we grow nanowires, nanotubes and 2D materials

Fume hood​​​
with thin-film spinner
Fume hood with spinner.jpg
Vacuum storage chamber​​
Vacuum storage.jpg
Glove box​​​​
For air-sensitive samples
Glove box.jpg
Scanning electron microscope 


TESCAN VEGA with lithography package

Rapid thermal ​annealer


Oxygen plasma etcher​​​

plasma and RTA.jpg
Probe ​station​​


Probe station.jpg
Wire bonder​

Westbond 545657E-79 wedge/ball bonder.​

wire bonder.jpg