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Nanoscale Physics
David Cobden
Nanodevice Physics
My group studies devices made from individual nanotubes, nanowires and 2D layers like graphene, using electrical transport, low temperatures, high magnetic fields, various optics, scanning probes, and other microscopies. The aim is to investigate new physics on the nanoscale such as the Luttinger liquid, the Fermi-edge singularity, conductance quantization, quantum Hall , the Kondo effect, charge pumping, metal-insulator transitions, phase transitions of adsorbates, photocurrent in graphene and nanowires, and ultrafast dynamics in topologically nontrivial and strongly correlated systems.
Kai-Mei Fu
Associate Professor (joint in EE)
Single-Impurity Optoelectronics
My group focuses on spin-systems in solids for quantum information processing (QIP) and sensing applications. Techniques including pump-probe, optical spin-echo, and high-resolution spectroscopy are used to further understand spin dynamics. Coupled optical-spin systems are integrated into nanophotonic devices to enable optical communications between spins for QIP and to increase magnetic sensitivity in sensing applications. Systems currently studied include semiconductor impurities, semiconductor quantum dots, and color centers in diamond.
Arka Majumdar
Assistant Professor (joint in MSE)
Nano- and Quantum Photonics
My group focuses on novel nanophotonic devices based on principle cavity quantum electrodynamics. Our research involves using concepts of fundamental physics to build devices with applications in optical computing, communication and sensing. To that end, we are studying new materials including two-dimensional materials, phase-change materials and complex oxides, which will be integrated on photonic devices made of silicon, silicon nitride and gallium phosphide. Along with novel materials, we also study emerging nanophotonic devices based on photonic crystal and dielectric metasurface.​​
Xiaodong Xu
Associate Professor (joint in MSE)
Nanoscale Optoelectronics
My group investigates new physics arising in solid state nanostructures. His research involves nanomaterial synthesis, device fabrication, optical spectroscopy, and transport measurements. Currently hewe work on: high quality graphene growth; electronic, thermal, and optoelectronic properties of graphene and its integration of other nanophotonic systems; nonlinear optical spectroscopy of bilayer graphene with a tunable electronic bandgap; optical probing of topological insulators, ultrafast spectroscopy; and scanning photocurrent microscopy.