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Boris A. Jacobsohn Memorial Lecturer
Boris Jacobsohn was a professor in this department from 1948 until his death in 1966.  During this period the reputation of the department as an important center of physics grew steadily and Professor Jacobsohn provided much of the stimulus for this happy growth.  Even more significant for us than Boris’s own accomplishments in science was the infectiousness of his love of good physics.  His warmth, his humor, his easy appreciation of the best and most beautiful in physics was felt by us all, faculty and students alike.

A very characteristic endeavor of Boris Jacobsohn was to bring distinguished physicists to his Department for visits.  By doing so, he knew he was insuring that the atmosphere in the Department would be constantly stirred and that graduate students would have contact with the best in their field.
When Boris Jacobsohn died, it was decided to establish a memorial fund to bring to us once each year a distinguished physicist chosen by the graduate students to share with us, as Boris used to do, his discoveries, insight and pleasures in physics.