PHYS 586, University of Washington Department of Physics    In June 2012 the ABC seminars moved to here

ABC Physics Seminars - Archive

Spring 2012

Mon 26 Mar
4 pm A102
Vladan Vuletic
Squeezing quantum noise: Atomic clock below the standard quantum limit
UW Physics colloquium
Tue 27 Mar
4 pm C421
Steve Andrews
Fred Hutchinson CRC (Wiggins)
Biochemical signaling mechanisms that optimize information transmission
Tue 3 Apr
4 pm 154 Bagley
Louis Brus
Columbia (Masiello)
Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene
Chemistry Department's P. C. Cross Lecture
Tue 10 Apr
4 pm C421
   no seminar  
Mon 16 April
4 pm A102
Qian Niu
UT Austin
Berry phase effects on electronic properties
Tue 17 Apr
4 pm C421
Aram Harrow
Quantum pseudo-randomness
Tue 24 Apr
12.30 Bagley 261
Eric Pop
Urbana Electrical Engineering
Energy Dissipation and Conversion in Nanoelectronics: Examples from Graphene to Phase-Change Materials    Nanotech seminar
Tue 24 Apr
4 pm C421
   no seminar  
Mon Apr 30
4 pm A102
Steven van Enk
University of Oregon
Measuring purity of quantum states and detecting drift of quantum sources
Tue 1 May
4 pm C421
Lutz Maibaum
UW Chemistry
Modeling Biology: The Role of Membrane Fluctuations and Deformations
Tue 8 May
4 pm C421
Ernst Meyer
U Basel (Overney)
Atomic Friction
Tue 15 May
4 pm C421
Alexander V. Balatsky
LANL (Ahmed)
Electronic Fingerprints of DNA Nucleotides for DNA Sequencing with Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy  abstract
Tue 22 May
4 pm C421
Susan Clark
Maryland (Fu)
Ion-Photon Networks for Scalable Quantum Computing
Thu 24 May
2 pm C421
Nahid Jetha
U British Columbia (Gundlach)
Nanopore analysis of wild type and mutant prion protein (PrP)
Tue 29 May
4 pm C421
Hugh Hillhouse
UW Chemical Engineering
Nanocrystal and Nanostructure Photovoltaics: Conventional Thin Film Devices and Harnessing Multi-Exciton Generation

Winter 2012

Tue 10 Jan
4 pm C421
Anupriya Jayakumar
Study of Zeeman coherences in Atomic Rubidium using Laguerre Gaussian beam   abstract
Tue 17 Jan
4 pm C421
  no seminar (coincides with UW Physics colloquium)
Tue 24 Jan
4 pm C421
Kyung Hyuk Kim
UW Bioengineering
Stochasticity and modularity in synthetic gene regulatory networks
Tue 31 Jan
4 pm C421
Sanjay Reddy
UW INT/Physics
Hunting for extraterrestrial superfluids
Tue 7 Feb
4 pm C421
John Bohn
U Colorado, Boulder (Gupta)
Dipolar Superfluids: New Angles in Bose-Einstein Condensation
Tue 13 Feb
4 pm A102
David Ceperly
UI Urbana-Champaign
The phases of hydrogen and helium at high pressure as reveale by simulations
Tue 14 Feb
4 pm C421
Paul Wiggins
UW Physics & BioE
The dynamics of E. coli ultra-structure
Thu 16 Feb
4 pm C421
Jeff Sherman
NIST (Blinov)
Blackbody-Stark and cold-collision shifts in an optical lattice clock
Tue 21 Feb
4 pm C421
Jonathan Posner
UW Mechanical Engineering
Electrokinetic Locomotion
Tue 28 Feb
4 pm C421
           (APS March Meeting week)

Autumn 2011

Mon 3 Oct
4 pm A102
Michael Hochberg
UW Electrical Engineering
Silicon Integrated Optoelectronics
Tue 4 Oct
4 pm C421
Aurel Bulgac
UW Physics
Real-Time Dynamics of a Superfluid Unitary Fermi Gas
Tue 11 Oct
4 pm C421
Kai-Mei Fu
UW Physics and EE
Optical coupling of single nitrogen-vacancy centers to microcavities in single crystal diamond
Tue 18 Oct
4 pm C421
David Andelman
Physics, Tel Aviv (Schick)
Block copolymer films at patterned surfaces: modeling and experiments
Tue 24 Oct
4 pm A102
Andrew Cleland
UC Santa Barbara
Mechanical resonators in the quantum regime
Tue 25 Oct
4 pm C421
Mike Thewalt
Simon Fraser University (Fu)
Highly enriched 28Si: from a new kilogram to quantum computing
Tue 1 Nov
4 pm C421
  no seminar  
Tue 8 Nov
4 pm C421
Andrew Geraci
Nevada-Reno (Blinov)
Coupling ultra-cold atoms with nano-mechanics
Thu 10 Nov
1 pm C421
Di Xiao (Xu) Heterostructures of transition metal oxides
Mon 14 Nov
4 pm A102
Joel Moore
UC Berkeley and LBNL
New topologically ordered phases of condensed matter
Tue 15 Nov
4 pm C421
David Masiello
UW Chemistry
Quantum Many-Body Theory in Molecular Plasmonics
Mon 21 Nov
4 pm A102
Harold Hwang
Stanford and SLAC
Emergent Phenomena at Oxide Interfaces
Tue 22 Nov
4 pm C421
Neil Wilson
University of Warwick
Scalable approaches to production of graphene
Tue 29 Nov
4 pm T-639 HSB
Paul Wiggins
UW Phys & BioE
UW Microbiology Seminar
Tue 29 Nov
4 pm A102
Leonid Levitov
New Spontaneously Ordered States in Graphene  
Tue 6 Dec
4 pm C421
Marcus Collins
UW PBio (Wiggins)
New approaches to forces within biological lipid membranes and how they may affect protein function

Spring 2011

Mon 28 Mar
4 pm A102
John Thomas
Duke University (host: Gupta)
A Tale of Quantum Viscosity in Universal Fermi Gases
Tue 29 Mar
4 pm C421
Barbara Jones
IBM Almaden
First-principles study of atomic-scale engineered spin chain
Tue 5 Apr
4 pm C421
Rig Hernandez
Georgia Tech
Traipsing through the ups and downs of rugged energy landscapes: chemical reactions and protein dynamics
Mon Apr 11
4 pm A102
Dave Wineland
NIST, Boulder
Optical atomic clocks
Tue 19 Apr
4 pm C421
Chip Asbury
UW PBP (host: Wiggins)
Tension directly stabilizes kinetochore microtubule attachments
Tue 26 Apr
4 pm C421
David Hertzog
UW Physics
Measuring blind
Tue 3 May
4 pm C421
Cigdem Capan
CeCoIn5: an unusual superconductor
Mon May 9
4 pm  A102
Charles Stevens
Salk Institute
A universal principle governing the design of neural networks
Tue 10 May
4 pm C421
Wendy Thomas
UW BioE (host: Wiggins)
Forced to be sticky
Thu 12 May
1 pm C421
Chuanwei Zhang
WSU (host: Xu)
Search for Majorana Fermions in p-Type Semiconductor Thin Films and Nanowires
Tue 17 May
4 pm Bagley
Ondrej Krivanek
NION Co (host: Sarikaya)
Sub-angstrom imaging of crystalline solids
Tue 24 May
4 pm C421
Dong Sun
UW Physics
Ultrafast Spectroscopy Study of Hot Carrier Dynamics and Coherently Controlled Photocurrent Generation in Epitaxial Graphene
Fri 27 May
1 pm C421
John Morse
ESRF and SLAC (h: Seidler)
Single crystal diamond as an X‐ray detector
Tue 31 May
4 pm C421
Thomas Jarvis
Austin (host: Blinov)
Re-inventing the ultrafast wheel?

Winter 2011

Mon 3 Jan
4 pm A102
Benjamin Lev
Urbana (host: Gupta)
Exploring strongly correlated matter with exotic atoms, atom chips, and cavity QED (colloquium)
Tue 4 Jan
4 pm C421
Kirk Madison
UBC (host: Gupta)
Collisions in trapped alkali gases: a new twist on Feshbach resonances and applications of hot collisions in cold gases
Tue 18 Jan
11.30 EEB105
Henk Postma
Cal State Northridge
Rapid Sequencing of Individual DNA Molecules in Graphene Nanogaps
(EE colloquium)
Mon 24 Jan
4 pm A102
M. Zahid Hasan
Experimental Discovery of Topological Order in bulk Solids and Superconductors  (colloquium)
Tue 1 Feb
4 pm C421
Roger Falcone
Berkeley (host: Seidler)
Warm and dense matter probed by ultrafast x-ray scattering
Mon 7 Feb
4 pm A102
Cheng Chin
Chicago (host: Blinov)
Having your cake and seeing it too: Quantum Phase Transitions and Scale Invariance of Quantum Gases in Two-Dimensions  (colloquium)
Tue 22 Feb
4 pm GUG 220
Thom Dunning
Urbana (host: Rehr)
Future of eXtreme-Scale Computing
Mon 28 Feb
4 pm A102
John Wettlaufer
Collisions, Turbulence and the Surface Phase Transitions of Cosmogony
Tue 1 Mar
4 pm C421
Peter Pauzauskie
Solid-state nanowire optomechanics
Mon 7 Mar
4 pm A102
Heather Lewandowski
Boulder/JILA  (host: Gupta)
Controlling Molecular Interactions with Electric Fields
Tue 8 Mar
4 pm C421
Richard Graham
UW Physics (Blinov group)
Towards a Next Generation Ultra Large Ring Laser Gyro

Autumn 2010

Mon 27 Sep
4 pm A118
Boris Blinov
UW Physics
Entanglement of trapped ions and photons: quantum computing and loophole-free Bell inequality tests (colloquium)
Mon 4 Oct
4 pm A102
Bill Philips
Maryland/NIST (host: Gupta)
Spinning Atoms with Light: a new �twist� on de Broglie-wave optics (colloquium)
Tue 12 Oct
4 pm C421
David Cobden
UW Physics
Adsorption on carbon nanotube yoctobalances
Mon 18 Oct
4 pm A102
Anton Andreev
UW Physics
Electron transport in high mobility nanostructures (colloquium)
Tue 19 Oct
12 pm  BioEng
Kai-Mei Fu
UW Physics
Color centers in diamond: from quantum information processing to biological sensing (BioE seminar, Foege N130A)
Tue 19 Oct
4 pm C421
Bob Odom
UW Applied Physics
Elastic wave mode coupling and the excitation of seismic "T-phases"
Tue 26 Oct
4 pm C421
Eric Shea-Brown
UW Applied Mathematics
Dynamics of correlation and coding in simple neural circuits
Thu 28 Oct
4 pm A118
Jerry Seidler
UW Physics
MiniXS Evolution: From Gadget to Instrument to Science
Tue 2 Nov
4 pm C421
Paul Wiggins
UW Physics/BioE
DNA bending: Biology's mechanical language?
Tue 9 Nov
4 pm C421
Benjamin Lopez
host: Gundlach
A method for single-molecule binding studies of repressor proteins
Mon 15 Nov
4 pm A102
Jennifer Ogilvie
U Michigan
Snap-shots of biological function with a femtosecond camera
Tue 16 Nov
4 pm C421
Suzannah Rutherford
Fred Hutch CRC (host: Wiggins)
Control of robustness and evolvability
Fri 19 Nov Jack Schlachter
LANL (host: Seidler)
Mon 22 Nov
4 pm A102
Feng Wang
UC Berkeley (host: Xu)
Tunable electronic and optical properties of graphene (colloquium)
Tue 23 Nov     cancelled due to snow  
Tue 7 Dec
12.30 Bag 260
Junqiao Wu
UC Berkeley (host: Cobden)
Science and Engineering of Single Domain and Domain Wall in Strongly Correlated Electron Materials    (Nanotech seminar)

Spring 2010 (name changed from the CMA seminars)

Tue Apr 13
4 pm  A118
David Goodstein
CalTech   host: Greg Dash
Fact and Fraud: Tales from the front lines of science
Tue Apr 20
4 pm  C421
Yakov Kopelevich
HP Labs  host: Cobden
Fractional quantum Hall effect in graphite
Thu Apr 22 Wesley Wong
Harvard  host: Gundlach
Mechanical force in nanoscale biology: from protein folding to enzyme kinetics
Mon May 10
4 pm A102
David Cobden
University of Washington
Phase transitions in nanostructures
Tue May 11
4 pm  C421
David Moehring
Sandia Nat Lab   host: Blinov
Ion trapping microsystem development
Mon May 17
4 pm A102
Chris Monroe
Maryland/NIST   host: Blinov
Quantum Networks with Ions, Phonons, and Photons
Thu May 20,
3.30 Gates
Aram Harrow
Bristol    host: Blinov
A quantum algorithm for solving linear systems of equations
Fri May 21
2.30 pm B042
Arend Van Der Zande
Cornell   hosts: Cobden/Xu
The structure and mechanics of atomically thin graphene membranes
Mon May 24
4 pm A102
Dave DeMille
Yale    host: Gupta
Diatomic Molecules as Quantum Tools
Tue Jun 1
4.30pm  A118
Wolfgang Ketterle
MIT     host: Gupta
Towards quantum magnetism with ultracold atoms
Thu Jun 3
2 pm, C421
Aaron VanDevender
NIST    host: Blinov
Fiber Optics in Surface-Electrode Ion Traps

Winter 2010

Tue Jan 5
4 pm  C421
Thomas J. Matula
UW Applied Physics
Exploring the physical and biological consequences of cavitation at 200,000,000 frames per second
Thu Jan 7
4 pm A102
Daniel Solli
University of California, LA
host: Markus Raschke
Real-Time Measurements, Long Tails, and Rogue Events
Mon Jan 11
4 pm A102
Alipasha Vaziri
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
host: Jens Gundlach
Unlocking the Power of Non-linear and Ultrafast Optics in Biology: Applications to New Tools for Bio-imaging and Neuroscience
Thu Jan 14
4 pm A114
Michael Rust
Harvard University
host: Wendy Thomas
Revealing Biological Mechanisms with Mathematical Modeling and Fluorescence Microscopy
Thu Jan 21
4 pm A118
Xiaodong Xu
Cornell Applied Physics
host: David Cobden
Optically probing electron spin and charge in solid state nanostructures
Thu Jan 28
4 pm A118
Keji Lai
Stanford University
host: Markus Raschke
Microwave microscopy of local conductivity - from nano-devices to phase separation in complex materials
Mon Feb 1
4 pm A102
Naomi Ginsberg
University of California, Berkeley
host: Jens Gundlach
Ultrafast physics in photosynthesis: Mapping sub-nanometer energy flow
Thu Feb 4
4 pm A118
David Schuster
Yale University
host: David Cobden
Hybrid Quantum Information Processing with Circuit QED
Mon Feb 8
4 pm
Paul Wiggins
Whitehead Institute, MIT
hosts: David Cobden, Chip Asbury
Structuring a bacterial chromosome
Thu Feb 11
3.45 pm A118
Qiang Lin
California Institute of Technology
host: Markus Raschke
Manipulating Motion with Light: Cavity Optomechanics in Nanophotonic Structures
Tue Feb 16
4 pm  C421
Rhonda Dzakpasu
Georgetown University
host: Boris Blinov
Dynamics in Networks of Neurons: Simulations and in vitro
Thu Feb 18
3.45 pm
Alan Bristow
JILA and U Colorado, Boulder
host: Markus Raschke
Coherent light-matter interactions: shining new light on nanotechnology
Mon Feb 22
4 pm
Anand Bhattacharya
Argonne National Laboratory
host: David Cobden
Digital Synthesis: A pathway to new materials and novel collective states
Mon Mar 8
4 pm
Kai-Mei Fu
HP Labs
host: Marjorie Olmstead
Optical spintronics in solids for quantum information processing
Thu Mar 11 Frank Vollmer
Wyss Intitute, Harvard
host: Larry Yaffe, Wendy Thomas
Localizing Light in Photonic Micro- and Nanostructures: Biosensing and BioInspired Engineering
Mo Mar 22
12.30 C421
Tanmoy Das
Northeastern University
Intermediate coupling model of cuprates: reconciling photoemission, optical and other inelastic scattering spectroscopies
Mo Mar 22
4 pm C421
Rudi Bratschisch
host: Gamelin/Raschke
Ultrafast quantum optics with solid-state nanosystems
Tue Mar 23
4 pm C421
Ilja Gerhardt
CQT Singapore  host: M Raschke
High Resolution Microscopy on a Single Molecule: From Near-Field Effects to Quantum Optics

Autumn 2009

Date Speaker From Title
Oct 6 David Allender Kent State Physics
currently at UW
Possibility for an LCD that switches faster than existing ones: the biaxial nematic cell
Oct 20 Dan Steck U Oregon Physics
host: Blinov
Atomic One-Way Barriers and Quantum Measurements
Oct 27 Markus Raschke UW Chemistry Optical antennas for nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy of elementary excitations in solids
Nov 3 Andy Kim Seattle University Exploring quantum vacuum using a torsion balance (abs)
Nov 10 Prabhakar Pradhan Northwestern
host: Anantram
Mesoscopic light transport properties of a single biological cell: Early detection of cancer (abs)
Nov 16 Renee Diehl Penn State Sam Fain's Legacy - Keep it Simple! (Colloquium) Sam Fain Memorial.
Reception: Monday afternoon, C520
Nov 17 Michael F Toney Stanford Size & composition dynamics of nanoparticle electrocatalysts (Nanotech Seminar, 12.30 pm)
Nov 17 Hoydoo You Argonne
host: Seidler
From electron diffraction in Sam Fain's lab to X-ray diffraction in National Labs
Nov 24 Chulan Kwon Myongji University
host: Thouless
Non-equilibrium and Fluctuation Theorems
Dec 1 Dan Ratner UW BioEngineering Carbohydrate Surface Modification for Label-Free Biosensing
Dec 8 Kathy-Anne Soderberg Chicago
host: Blinov
Quantum Computing with Neutral Atoms in Optical Lattices (abs)

Spring 2009

Date Speaker From Title
31 Mar Various UW Physics Short talks from the APS March Meeting
7 Apr Vlad Ivanov UW Physics Coherent transport of atomic wavefunctions in modulated optical lattices  (abs)
14 Apr Georg Seelig UW CSE and EE Engineering molecular circuitry with DNA (abs)
21 Apr Alexander Kozhanov UCSB Physics Magnetostatic spin waves in ferromagnetic microstructures (abs)
28 Apr Ira Kalet UW Radiation Oncology Computational modeling in support of cancer treatment (Adventures in medical physics and biomedical informatics) (abs)
5 May Marjie Olmstead UW Physics Heteroepitaxial doped Ga2Se3: Candidate dilute magnetic semiconductor
12 May Fernando Vila UW Physics Ab Initio Structure, Dynamics and Spectra of Complex Systems
19 May Daniel Gamelin UW Chemistry Spins in colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals
26 May Christine Luscombe UW MSE Morphology control in polymer photovoltaics
2 Jun Munira Khalil UW Chemistry Ultrafast chemical dynamics: a molecular perspective

Winter 2009

Date Speaker From Title
5 Jan David Kleinfeld UCSD Physics Encoding the Location of Objects with a Scanning Sensorimotor System (abs) (Colloquium, A102, 4 pm)
6 Jan  11am Jeff Sherman U Oxford
host: Blinov
Demonstration of qubit readout with 99.99% fidelity and novel ion trap designs at Oxford (abs)
13 Jan Chip Asbury UW Physiology and Biophysics How chromosomes move during cell division
20 Jan  1pm Adam Kleczewski UW Physics Measurement of Ba-137 nuclear octupole moment (general exam, chair: Blinov)
20 Jan CMA faculty UW Physics Summaries of ideas in recent proposals - Gupta, Raschke, Cobden
26 Jan Oscar Vilches UW Physics Physisorption revisited: from exfoliated graphite to carbon nanotube bundles & single nanotubes (Colloquium, A102, 4 pm)
27 Jan CMA faculty UW Physics Summaries of ideas in recent proposals - Blinov, Rehr (Beyond Kohn-Sham DFT and Scientific Cloud Computing), Seidler
3 Feb Aharon Kapitulnik Stanford Physics Superconductor-Insulator Transitions in Two-Dimensions (abs)
10 Feb John Sidles UW Medicine and QSE Analyzing Quantum Limits to Magnetic Resonance Microscopy: Insights from Shannon, von Neumann, Feynman (abs)
17 Feb Ken Brown Georgia Tech Trapped atomic ions as probes of molecular ions (abs)
24 Feb David Thouless UW Physics Modern physics and the modern world (abs)
3 Mar Josh Folk UBC Physics
host: Cobden
Ballistic spin resonance (abs)
10 Mar Shigeyuki Komura Tokyo Metropolitan
host: Schick
Hydrodynamics in multicomponent biomembranes

Autumn 2008

Date Speaker From Title
29 Sep Marc Bockrath CalTech Carbon nanoelectronics: from correlated electrons to sensors and devices. (abs) (Colloquium, A109, 4 pm)
30 Sep Marc Bockrath CalTech Appl Phys
host: Cobden
Strongly correlated electron behavior in carbon nanotubes
6 Oct Jeanie Lau UC Riverside Graphene quantum electronics and devices Physics colloquium
7 Oct Jerry Seidler UW Physics A Cheaper, Smaller, and Sometimes Better Approach To X-ray Spectroscopy (abs)
13 Oct Valery Milner UBC Chemistry Coherent Scattering with Incoherent Light: New Spectroscopy with Ultra-Short Laser Pulses  (Colloquium, A109, 4 pm)
14 Oct Miguel Morales UW Physics 21 cm Cosmology
21 Oct Marco Rolandi UW MSE The atomic force microscope as a patterning tool: lithography, self assembly, and devices
27 Oct Robert Kaindl LBNL Ultrafast electron dynamics in complex materials (Colloquium, A109, 4 pm)
28 Oct Xiaohu Gao UW Bioengineering Imaging, detection, and drug delivery with nanoparticles
4 Nov David Jones UBC Physics/Astr
host: Blinov
The continuing evolution of femtosecond frequency combs (abs)
10 Nov Margaret Murnane JILA/Boulder Harnessing Attosecond Science for Coherent X-Ray Generation and Applications (Colloquium, A109, 4 pm)
11 Nov Veteran's Day
17 Nov Dan Stamper-Kurn Berkeley Magnetic phases of a dipolar spin-1 quantum gas (Colloquium, A109, 4 pm)
18 Nov Michael Elbaum Weizmann Institute
host: Dash
Getting to the center of the cell: a thermodynamic path to the nucleus, or, how to build a pump with no moving parts
25 Nov Danilo Pozzo UW Chem Eng Small angle neutron scattering: A unique structural probe for soft condensed matter (abs)
2 Dec Bo Zhang UW Chemistry Electron Transfer and Single-Cell Detections using Nano/Micro-sized Electrodes

Spring 2008

Date Speaker From Title
Apr 1 Kater Murch UC Berkeley
host: Gupta
Quantum Micro-Mechanics with Ultracold Atoms (abs)
Apr 8 Marcel den Nijs UW Physics Power law in the brain (abs)
Apr 15 Jerry Seidler UW Physics New Applications of Inelastic X-ray Scattering in AMO and CM Physics (abs)
Apr 22 John Rehr UW Physics Parameter free calculations of optical response from visible to X-ray wavelengths (abs)
Apr 25
Andrey Chubukov Wisconsin Physics
host: Andreev
A ferromagnetic quantum criticality (abs)
Apr 29
Fei Zhou UBC Physics
host: Spivak
Dynamical generation of fractionalized vortices and vortex lattices in rotating BECs (abs)
Matt Dietrich UW Physics Barium ion qubits (general exam, adv. Boris Blinov) at 10.30 am
May 6 Valery Milner UBC Chemistry
host: Blinov
Quantum State Manipulation with Ultra-Short Laser Pulses (abs)
May 13 Hsin-Ying Chiu CalTech Physics
host: Cobden
Carbon Nanotube Nanomechanical Mass Sensor (abs)
May 20 Tom Butler UW Physics Engineered protein nanopore for single-molecule DNA measurements
May 27 Michael Schick UW Physics How do we understand the phase behavior of ternary mixtures of saturated and unsaturated lipids and cholesterol?
June 3 Robert Kaindl LBNL host: Raschke Ultrafast THz Spectroscopy of Electronic Correlations in Complex Materials

Winter 2008

Date Speaker From Title
Jan 8 Eugene Mishchenko Utah Physics Intrinsic Spin-Hall Effect in 2D Electron Systems (abs)
Jan 14 Konstantin Novoselov U Manchester Colloquium: QED in a Pencil Trace
Jan 15 Roman Krems UBC Chemistry
host: Gupta
Dynamics of cold and ultracold molecules in external electromagnetic fields (abs)
Jan 22 Dan Chiu UW Chemistry Droplet Microfluidics
Jan 28 Etyan Domany Weizman Colloquium: Predicting outcome in cancer: Hope, Hype, Physics and ... Biology.
Jan 29 Ping Ao UW Physics Robustness in Biological Processes: Can We Quantify It? And a few related issues far from equilibrium (abs)
Feb 4 Paul Yager UW BioEng Colloquium: Stumbling into microfluidics along the road to point-of-care medical diagnostics
Feb 5
Mike Brown UW ESS Pressure induced high spin to low spin transition in MgO w/6% Fe (abs)
Feb 11 Christopher Jarzynski U Maryland
host: den Nijs
Colloquium: Nonequilibrium thermodynamics at the microscale
Feb 12 Wenying Shou Fred Hutch CRC Collaborate or Collapse: Experimental and Mathematical Analysis of a Synthetic Cooperative System (abs)
Feb 19 Dmitri Basov UC San Diego
host: Cobden
Infrared Spectroscopy of Correlated Electron Matter at the Nanoscale (abs)
Feb 26 Mikhail Mogilevsky Novosibirsk
host: Cobden
Crystalline lattices under extreme conditions (abs)
Inst. Hydrodynamics, Siberian Division of Rus. Acad. Sciences
Mar 4 Boris Spivak UW Physics Quantum superconductor-metal transition

Autumn 2007

Date Speaker From Title
Oct 2 Michael Hochberg UW EE Integrated Ultrafast Optics in Silicon (abs)
Oct 9 Michael Schurr UW Chem Switchability of the helical structure of DNA (abs)
Oct 16 Ania Claire Bleszynski Yale Physics
host: Cobden
Noise Thermometry and Electron Thermometry of a Sample-on-Cantilever System Below 1K: Towards Measurement of Persistent Currents in Normal Metal Rings (abs)
Oct 23 Andreas Bauch German PTB
host: Blinov
Atomic clock development at PTB (abs)
Oct 30, 11 am
Fang Fang Penn State
host: Gupta
Progress toward a measurement of the electron electrical dipole moment using ultra-cold atoms (abs)
Oct 30
Riccardo Zecchina Politecnico di Torino & Microsoft Statistical physics, optimization and coding theory (abs)
Nov 2, 1pm Yizhak Yacoby Racah Institute
host: Stern
Imaging thin films with subatomic resolution (abs)
Nov 6 David Cobden UW Physics The metal-insulator in vanadium oxide nanowires
Nov 13 Thomas Loftus UW Physics Ultra-Cold Atomic Strontium: Sub-Photon Recoil Cooling, Momentum-Space Crystals, and High Precision Optical Metrology (abs)
Nov 20, C520 Will Trimble
UW Physics Final exam: High-resolution spectroscopy of 115In+ and prospects for an optical frequency reference (abs) - with cookies
Nov 27 Michael Woodside U Alberta
host: Cobden
Force spectroscopy of structure formation in single nucleic acid molecules: from hairpins to riboswitches (abs)
Dec 4 Amy V Spivey U Puget Sound
host: Blinov
Phase decoherence of semiconductor excitons: using nonlinear optics to probe an ensemble of oscillators (abs)
Dec 10, C520 Nathan Kurz UW Physics General exam: Femtosecond optical excitation of trapped barium ions

Spring 2007

Date Speaker From Title
Mar 27 Michael Fogler UCSD
host: Andreev
Power-laws in one-dimensional transport: Luttinger liquid or disorder? (abs)
Apr 3 no seminar
Apr 10 no seminar
Apr 17 no seminar
Apr 24
Marcel den Nijs UW Physics Dynamic instability transitions in 1D driven diffusive flow with non-local hopping (abs)
April 27
Friday 3.30
Michael Roukes Caltech
host: Spivak
Nonlinear and quantum measurements with nanoelectromechanical systems
May 1 Hailin Wang U Oregon
host: Blinov
Quantum optics with silica microresonators (abs)
May 8
David Coffey UW Physics
advisor: Ginger
Nanoscale characterization and control of plastic solar cell films (final exam)
May 11, Fri
3.30, C520
Adam Sorini
UW Physics
advisor: Rehr
Mixed dynamic form factors and stopping powers
(general exam)
May 15
Tuesday 9.30
Baruch Feldman
in C520
UW Phys/EE
advisor: Dunham
Modeling Conduction in Nanoscale Wires & Interconnects
(general exam)
May 18
Friday 1.30
Ethan Minot Oregon State
host: Cobden
Biosensing with carbon nanotube devices in solution (abs)
May 22 Jay Sharping UC Merced
host: Blinov
Fiber optical parametric oscillators: a new avenue into the wavelength-tunable ultrafast domain (abs)
May 29
10 am, C520
Dmytro Pesin UW Physics
adv: Andreev
Interacting Electrons in Disordered Low-Dimensional Systems (general exam)
May 29
10.30, B042
Tom Butler UW Physics
adv: Gundlach
Nanopore Analysis of Nucleic Acids (general exam)
May 29
4 pm
John Toner U Oregon
host: Cobden
Squeezing superfluid from a stone: Coupling superfluidity and elasticity in a supersolid (abs)
May 31, Wed
12.30, C520
Tim Fister UW Physics
adv: Seidler
Momentum-dependent X-ray Raman scattering (final exam)
June 1, Fri
11.00, C520
Micah Prange UW Physics
adv: Rehr
Automated full spectrum optical constants (general exam)

Winter 2007

Date Speaker From Title
Jan 9 Doug Natelson Rice University
host: Cobden
Single-molecule transistors: tools for physics and physical chemistry (abs)
Jan 16 John Cramer UW Physics An experimental test of nonlocal quantum communication
Jan 17 Jiang Wei
1.30 pm, C520
UW Physics
advisor: Cobden
General exam: Metal insulator transition in vanadium oxide nanowires
Jan 23 Lih Y. Lin UW EE Sub-diffraction integration and non-invasive manipulation by nanophotonics (abs)
Jan 30 David Thouless UW Physics The mass of a vortex in a superfluid (abs)
Feb 6      no seminar      
Feb 13 Dave Bacon UW CSE When Physics and Computer Science Collide: A Cross Cultural Extravaganza  (abs
Feb 20 Xingde Li UW Bioengineering Translational Potential of Basic Physics Principles to Bedside Biomedical Applications (abs)
Feb 27 Anton Andreev UW Physics Speckle statistics of coherent waves in disordered media (abs)
Mar 6    no seminar       APS March Meeting
Mar 8 Kai Miller
2 pm, C520
UW Physics
advisor: den Nijs
Characterization of Brain Surface Spectra for Functional Mapping and Feedback

Autumn 2006

Sep 26Natalia PerkinsMPIPKS, Dresden, host: BlinovThe ground state of orbitally degenerate spinels
Oct 3Ed SternUW PhysicsUltrafast XAFS measurements on laser excited Ge films
Oct 10 no seminar
Oct 17TK ShamU Western Ontario
hosts: Seidler, Cao
Nanoparticles and nanowires � fabrication, morphology and spectroscopy
Oct 24Markus RaschkeUW ChemistryNonlinear optics at surfaces and on the nanoscale: probing electronic structure and ferroelectric order with ultrahigh spatial and temporal resolution
Oct 31W. Clark GriffithUW PhysicsSearch for a CP-violating electron dipole moment of Hg atoms
Nov 7Raghu ParthasarathyU Oregon
host: Cobden
Spatial organization of, at, and by lipid membranes
Nov 14Peter EngelsWashington State U
host: Blinov
Nonlinear quantum hydrodynamics in Bose-Einstein condensates
Nov 21Leslie RosenbergUW Physics
Nov 28Andrei DereviankoU Nevada
host: Blinov
Atomic and molecular CP-violating magnetic moments
Dec 5Dmitry KhokhlovMoscow State
host: Blinov
Doped Lead Telluride-Based Alloys � New Type of Sensitive Detectors of TeraHertz Radiation

Spring 2006

Date Speaker From Title
Mar 28 Dam Son UW Physics Phase diagram of a dilute polarized Fermi gas
Apr 4 J Steven Dodge Simon Fraser
host: Cobden
T-Ray tests of Fermi liquid theory
Apr 11 Elaine Li Boulder, JILA
host: Blinov
Exciton Correlations in Semiconductors Probed by Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Apr 18 David Wineland Colorado Physics
host: Blinov
Quantum-mechanically entangled atoms and raising Schr�dinger's cat
Apr 25 Konstantin Matveev Argonne
host: Andreev
Conductance of a quantum wire at low electron density
May 2 Marcus Collins UW Chemistry Water, water everywhere: physics, proteins and hydrophobicity
May 9 Warren Nagourney UW Physics Single trapped Ba and In ions: extremely accurate clocks and a possible measurement of alpha dot/alpha
May 16 Vitaly Efimov UW Physics Universal long-range effects in three-atom systems: how can three atoms strongly feel one another's presence miles apart?
May 23 Malcolm Kennett Simon Fraser
host: Cobden
Surface acoustic wave induced zero-resistance states
May 30 Jerry Miller UW Physics Free Energy Distribution of Binary Protein-Protein Binding Suggests Cross-Species Interactome Differences
June 13 Sarah Veatch UBC Microbiology/
Immunology (Keller)
Critical phenomena in three component lipid membranes

Winter 2006

Date Speaker From Title
Jan 3 Josh Folk UBC Physics
host: Cobden
Two-electron spin states in a Random Nuclear Field
Jan 10 Jens Koch Berlin (Th. Physik.)
host: Andreev
Pair tunneling through single molecules
Jan 17 John Beamish Alberta Physics
host: Vilches
Flow in (Super)solid Helium
Jan 24 Yejun Feng Chicago
host: Seidler
New results on charge and spin in Chromium
Jan 31 Andrea Damascelli UBC Physics
host: Cobden
Fermi Surface and Quasiparticle Excitations of overdoped Tl2Ba2CuO6+
Feb 7 Daniel A. Steck Oregon Physics
host: Blinov
Quantum measurement and control of atomic motion
Feb 14 Dave Bacon UW Comp Sci Eng Building Robust Qubits Using Many-Body Strongly Interacting Quantum Systems
Feb 21 no seminar
Feb 28 Boris Spivak UW Physics Does the theory of laser linewidths exist?
Mar 7 Nguyen Toan UCLA Physics
host: Schick
How to design a virus: shape transformation of viral capsids
Mar 9
Subhadeep Gupta UC Berkeley Physics
host: Blinov
Ultracold Atoms and Bose-Einstein Condensates in Storage Rings and Optical Cavities

Autumn 2005

Date Speaker From Title
Oct 4 Greg Dash UW Physics Latest on 'supersolid helium'
Oct 11 John Sidles UW Medicine Emerging Techniques for Solving NP-Complete Problems in Maths, Biology, Engineering and Physics
Oct 18 David Thouless UW Physics Supersolids and dense superfluids
Oct 25 Oded Agam UW Physics/Hebrew University Dispersive regularization approach to Laplacian growth problems
Nov 1 Boris Blinov UW Physics Quantum computing with atoms and photons
Nov 8 Oleg Prezhdo UW Chemistry Photoexcitation dynamics on the nanoscale
Nov 15 Jeff Sherman UW Physics Optical frequency combs (Nobel prize 2005)
Nov 22 Mehmet Sarikaya UW Mat Sci Eng Genetically engineered peptides as molecular erectors
Nov 29 Peter Feibelman Sandia (host: Rehr) Atomic-scale theory of wetting: Structural inferences from theory & spectroscopy
Dec 6 David Allender Kent State
(host: Schick)
The biaxial nematic liquid crystal phase

Spring 2005

Date Speaker From Title
Mar 29 Dmitry Novikov Princeton
(host: Andreev)
Nanotube in external periodic potential: Probing commensurate electron states
Apr 5 Anton Andreev UW Physics Quantum charge fluctuations in a superconducting grain
Apr 12 Michael Kozlov Tel Aviv
(host: Schick)
Actin filaments capped by formin: a model for processive capping and force-driven polymerization
Apr 19 G. Malcolm Stocks Oak Ridge
(host: Rehr)
Novel Phenomena in Nanomagnets: Simple Models and First Principles Theory 
Apr 26 Dmitri Kilin UW Chemistry Photoinduced vibrational coherence transfer in nano aggregates 
May 3 Alexei Ankudinov UW Physics Beyond Standard Single Electron Theory of X-ray Absorption 
May 10 Gabi Kotliar Rutgers
(host: Bertsch)
Dynamical Mean Field Approach to Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
May 17 Konrad Lehnert Colorado
(host: Andreev)
Fast and ultra-sensitive displacement measurements using an atomic point contact
May 18
John Cardy Oxford
(host: den Nijs)
Stochastic Loewner equation for Physicists 
May 24 no seminar
May 31 Michael Tringides Iowa State
(host: den Nijs)
Incommensurate phases of Pb on Si(111) 

Winter 2005

Jan 4You QiangIdaho (Physics)
host: Cobden
Monodispersive nanoclusters and nanocluster-assembled materials
Jan 11Jens KochBerlin (Physik)
host: Andreev
Franck-Condon blockade and giant Fano factors in transport through single molecules (cond-mat/0409667)
Jan 18Victor Gurarie Colorado (Physics)
host: Andreev
Fermi gas with Feshbach resonant interactions 
Jan 25 CM group meeting with visitor Jennifer Ogilvie at this time
Feb 1Greg DashUW PhysicsEvidence for supersolid helium? An alternative explanation.
Feb 8David Mills Otolaryngology-HNS Physics of the ear 
Feb 15Tony PeurrungPNNL
host: Spivak
Radiation Detection Material Discovery:
Needs and Approaches
Feb 22Jerry Seidler UW Physics Symmetry and Final State Effects in Inelastic X-ray Scattering 
Mar 1Dan DessauColorado (Physics)
host: Andreev
ARPES on CMR and high-T_c materials
Mar 8Eldad Bettelheim Hebrew University
host: Spivak
The stochastic Loewner equation and c>1 models 

Autumn 2004

SpeakerFrom Title
Oct 5Marjie OlmsteadUW Physics Structure and Stoichiometry in Semiconductor Heteroepitaxy: The Interesting Case of III-VI/Silicon Heterostructures
Oct 12Marcel den NijsUW Physics Traffic jams, paper combustion, and polymer localization
Oct 19Alex LevineAmherst (host: Seidler) Semiflexible polymer networks: Implications for cellular mechanics
Oct 26David BakerUW Biochemistry What is Biophysics?
Nov 2Sarah KellerUW Chem/Phys Liquid domains in lipid membranes
Nov 9 Physics CDO Networking Day
Nov 16Milton Colecancelled
Nov 23David CobdenUW Phys Nonlinear transport in carbon nanotubes
Nov 30Graziano VernizziSaclay (host Schick) Predicting RNA secondary structures with pseudoknots: a topological approach
Dec 7Irfan SiddiqiYale (host: Spivak) Amplifying quantum signals with the Josephson bifurcation amplifier

Spring 2004

Date Speaker From Title
March 30
April 6
April 13 Rene Overney UW Chem Eng Mesodynamics in confined polymer systems
April 20 Argyrios Tsolakidis Harvard Optical response of finite systems via TDDFT
April 27 Warren Pickett UC Davis Charge Disproportionation and Spin Ordering Tendencies in the Superconducting Layered Cobaltates 
May 4 Boris Spivak UW Physics Solutions of the nonlinear Schroedinger equation
May 11 Gabriel Aeppli UCL Brute force quantum computation 
May 18 Paul Chaikin Princeton Triplet superconductivity and nonFermi liquid behavior in organic conductors
May 25 John Close ANU Canberra Bose Condensates, Atom-Optics, Atom-Lasers and Cosmological Analogs 
June 1 Karl-Heinz Ernst EMPA D�bendorf Chiral molecules at surfaces: stereochemistry and two-dimensional enantiomorphism 

Winter 2004

Date Speaker From Title
January 6 cancelled thanks to the Thick Films of Solid Water
January 13 Sam Fain UW, Physics Annealing Thin Films of Amorphous Solid Water: Atomic Force Microscopy at T<150K
January 20 (coincides with colloquium)
January 27 Chulan Kwon Myongji Univ (Korea) Structure of Stochastic Dynamics near Fixed Points
February 3 C520 Marcus Mueller Mainz Coarse-Grained Models for Soft Condensed Matter: Monte Carlo Simulations and Self-Consistent Field Theory 
February 10 Stuart Solin Washington U, Physics Geometry driven interfacial phenomena in semiconductor-metal hybrid structures 
February 18
12.30pm Wed
Lincoln Carr JILA, U Colorado and NIST Achieving a BCS transition in an atomic Fermi gas 
February 20 C520
10.30am Friday
Josh Folk MIT/Stanford Decoherence in Confined Systems
February 24 C520
4pm Tuesday
Nadya Mason Harvard Local Gate Control of Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots 
February 26 C520
4pm Thursday
Kirill Shtengel Microsoft Non-Abelian Anyons and Topological Order in Solids 
March 2 C520
4pm Tuesday
Peter Armitage UCLA A 'Taxonomy' of Electron Glasses 
March 5 C421
1.30 pm Friday
Jack Harris Harvard/MIT From the quantum Hall regime to 'spin friction' with micromechanical detectors. 
March 9 No seminar

Autumn 2003

Date Speaker From Title
September 30 Ed Stern UW Physics Subnanosecond X-ray probing of the kinetics of laser excited Germanium
October 7 Larry Sorensen UW Physics How magnets remember/forget  
October 14 Anatoly Kolomeisky Rice Chemistry Lattice Models of Electrolytes
October 15 Joan Adler Technion Physics Visualizing bulk and surface melting
October 21 Albert Folch UW Bioengineering Cell Biology on a Soft Chip
October 28 James Anglin MIT Physics Do vortices have mass?  
November 4 Josh Folk MIT Physics Creation and Detection of Spin Currents in Nanoscale Devices  
November 5
Konstantin A. Chishko Verkin Institute 2D cryocrystals on a substrate: thermodynamics and magnetism
November 7
2 pm (C520)
Philip Pillips Urbana Physics The Elusive Bose Metal
November 11 no seminar - Veterans Day holiday
November 18 David Ginger UW Chemistry From Nanoparticles to Nanolithography: Quantum Dots, Diodes, and DNA
November 25 Marc Bockrath Caltech Physics Nano-scale electronics  
December 2 James Phillips UMKC Physics Thermal disorder, fluctuations and breakup of finite one-dimensional atomic chains
December 9 Charlie Campbell UW Chemistry Calorimetric Studies of the Energetics of Adsorption and Thin Film Growth on Single Crystal Surfaces

Spring 2003

Date Speaker From Title
April 1 Kirill Shtengel Microsoft
(host Kirill Katsov)
Topological Order and Quantum Computation 
April 8 Kevin Smith Boston University
(host Marjie Olmstead)
Exploring Many Body Physics in Low Dimensional Solids using Photoemission Spectroscopy 
April 15 Jens Gundlach UW Physics Nanopore DNA sequencing
April 22 Kiril Tsemekhman UW Chemistry Describing electrons in the lattice with Wannier functions: old approach with new applications
April 29 Chao Tang NEC Princeton
(host Jerry Seidler)
Designability of Protein Structures 
May 6 Bill Reinhardt UW Chemistry Progress in the computation of free energies of granular-like materials, and in the folding and unfolding of model RNA loops 
May 13 Peter Nellist Nion
(host David Cobden)
Aberration Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy. 
May 20 Chris Stubbs UW Phys/Astronomy Fundamental physics through astrophysics
May 27 No seminar   coincides with department colloquium
June 3 Alexei Ankudinov UW Physics Physics of X-ray excited states: nonspherical corrections and dynamic screening effects

Winter 2003

Date Speaker From Title
January 14 Roberto Ramos Maryland, Physics (host Oscar Vilches) Quantum computation using superconducting devices
January 14
1.30pm, B417
Mathieu Fevre LEM-ONERA-CNRS
(host John Rehr)
Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics investigations of thermal transport properties in Zr
(Computational Materials Science Seminar)
January 21 Heiko Wende FU Berlin, Physics
(host John Rehr)
Induced magnetism at thin film interfaces probed by x-ray magentic circular dichroism
January 23
3pm, C421
Meir Weger Hebrew University
(host Ed Stern)
Electron-Ion Interaction in a Nearly Ferroelectric Metal  
January 28 Sam Fain UW Physics Nanoscale dynamics of amorphous and crystalline ice at T<150K 
February 4 Eric Shirley NIST Gaithersburg
(host John Rehr)
When a photon meets an electron, or, choreographing two particles in a crystal lattice 
February 11 Oscar Vilches UW Physics Adsorbed gases on ideal and real carbon nanotube bundles
February 18 Igor Herbut Simon Fraser, Physics
(host David Cobden)
Theory of fluctuating d-wave superconductors: the QED3 and beyond 
February 25 Michael Wortis Simon Fraser, Physics
(host Mike Schick)
A New Length Scale for Hydration Forces between Neutral Lipid Surfaces
March 4 No seminar - APS March Meeting
March 11 John Sidles UW Mech Eng Critical Design Elements for Quantum Molecular Observation 
March 18 Marcus Mueller Gutenberg, Physics Wetting of polymer solutions
March 21
1 pm, C421
Vadim Frolov
Frumkin Institute of Electrochemistry, Russia
(host Mike Schick)
Shape bistability of a tubule made of bimolecular lipid film: experiments, models and implications for biological processes  

Autumn 2002

October 1
Gerald Pollack
UW Bioengineering
Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life: A Fresh Paradigm for Cell Function
October 8
no seminar

(coincides with address of President McCormick)
October 15
David Weitz
Elasticity of Actin Networks
October 22
Jim Hone
NEMS with nanomaterials: carbon nanotubes and metal nanowires
October 29
David Pengra
Ohio Wesleyan
Electrokinetics: Another Tool for Studying Interfaces in Porous Media - abs
November 5
Kirill Katsov
UW Physics
Modelling membrane fusion
November 12
Bryan Reed
Electronic properties of carbon nanotubes via aloof electron energy-loss spectroscopy
November 19
Boris Spivak
UW Physics
Phase separation in a 2D electron gas
November 26
Joosi Timonen
Interfaces in inhomogeneous materials: experimental 'determination' of the evolution equation
December 3
Andrea Liu
Jamming Cancelled!!!
December 10
Mark Topinka
Imaging Electron-Wave Flow Through a Quantum Point Contact