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Master's Review

The Master's Review Committee (MRC) reviews the progress of every first year graduate student at the end of the Spring quarter of their first year.
It decides whether she/he can continue towards a PhD or not. Further review, if needed, continues throughout the second year. A final decision will be made before the start of the third year at the latest and will be based on an evaluation of the comprehensive record of the student.

The Master’s Review includes the performance in the four Master's Review Exams (MRE). These MRE exams are integrated with the final exams of the four corresponding first year graduate courses: Ph524 (in the autumn), Ph514 and Ph518 (in winter), Ph505 (in spring). The exams are written and graded by the course instructors and the exam committee. These final exams test the doctoral candidate’s competency across a broad spectrum of core subjects.

The following document specifies the topics covered in the MRE exams,

Qualifying Exam Topics

Here are compendia of previous MRE exam problems since Autumn 2011 and old format qualifying exam problems from before Autumn 2011

Archived MRE Exam Problems

Archived Qualifying Exam Problems

Exam Info Sheet