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Research and Financial Aid Opportunities for Students
Research Opportunities

Contact R. J. Wilkes ( (9/7/12)

TA / Grader Opportunities

Our Department does not normally offer TA appointments to MS students, but hourly jobs as graders or lab instructors are sometimes available. Please check here if you are interested and would like to be notified if positions become available.


Local companies that have employed our students or graduates sometimes ask to be contacted by MS students interested in paid or unpaid internships. Please check here if you are interested and would like to be notified if/when positions become available. Indicate your area(s) of expertise and experience, and whether you would consider unpaid positions.

Fellowships and Grants

Visit the National Academies Fellowships page for info on their graduate scholarship programs. Also on that page, click on the "Fellowship Resources" tab to see comprehensive lists of non-government funding sources, and links to databases listing graduate support opportunities.

If you are working in (or interested in) ocean science and engineering, check the Marine Technology Society scholarships page for opportunities for MS students.

Check here for US Department of Energy's Nuclear Energy University Program fellowship opportunities (usually announced in Autumn for next year).

See also information and links collected by UW Libraries on graduate fellowship opportunities in their Graduate Funding Information page.