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Program Advisory Board
Our advisory board helps us to review program content, standards, and curricula, and recommends changes to ensure the program remains current. By enlisting the help of doers and leaders in the field, especially in regional companies and R&D labs, we will continue to offer a  learning experience matching the needs of students with those of potential employers.

The following individuals serve (with our deep appreciation) as the advisory board for the PMSP.
  • Bryan Cairns, Boeing Corporation (retired)
  • Bill Dougherty, Senior Scientist, Applied Precision Instruments
  • Lonnie Edelheit, Senior Vice President, Research & Development (Retired), at General Electric Company
  • David Hadley, Vice President, R&D, at Cardiac Science
  • Philip Johnson, Senior Manager, Boeing Research & Technology
  • Nathan Kutz, Professor and Chair, UW Department of Applied Mathematics; Adjunct Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering
  • John G. Learned, Professor of Physics (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
  • Lex Lindsey, Boeing and Interlinq Software (retired)
  • Rick L. McGann, Manager, Advanced Physics Applications, Boeing Research & Technology
  • Frederick C. Motteler, Senior Engineer, Universal Avionics
  • Robert Odom, Assistant Director, Principal Physicist, UW Applied Physics Laboratory; Research Associate Professor, Earth and Space Sciences
  • Charles Schmid, Executive Director at Acoustical Society of America
  • Rovy Branon, Vice Provost, UW Professional and Continuing Education
  • Sheila Tobias, Author, Consultant for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation on Professional Science MS program development
  • Kristine Washburn, Professor of Physics and Astronomy (Everett Community College)
  • Kevin Wheelock, Adjunct Professor of Physics at Bellevue Community College
  • Mike Williamson, Founder and President of Williamson & Associates, Inc.
  • Rene Siegenthaler, Program Manager, UW Professional and Continuing Education
  • Allen Chen, PMSP Student
  • Nicolas Michel-Hart, PMSP Student