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Advising for Professional MS Degree and Graduate/Non-Matriculated Students

Students should contact the Physics MS Program ( for questions regarding rules, policies, Graduate School procedures and regulations, and for any other administrative or general information. All students should read the Policies and Rules document.

For academic advising (program planning, choice of courses, advice on appropriateness of preparation for advanced courses, etc), new students will initially be assigned to a member of the graduate faculty in the Physics Department. (Faculty who volunteer as Advisors are willing to hold evening office hours to meet students.) Students may select a faculty member of their choice as their Advisor at any time thereafter, with the agreement of the faculty member. Students should meet with their Academic Advisor at least once per academic year, preferably at least once per quarter.

Advanced students who are doing the Independent Study (Phys 600) component of their degree program will be advised by their project supervisor. However, students who do their Independent Study project under the supervision of a faculty member outside the Physics Department should retain their academic Advisor in the Physics Department, and meet with their Physics Advisor at least once per term.

Students may contact the MS Faculty Coordinator ( at any time for additional consultation or advice.

Information for New MS and GNM Students

Newly admitted Professional MS and GNM students should read the following documents prepared by Professional & Continuing Education (PCE):
Contact Information for MS Program Graduate Students
    Note: for undergraduate advising, you can find information here

For academic issues, and questions related to course offerings, prerequisites, and qualifications:
Professor Jeffrey Wilkes
Faculty Coordinator
(206) 543-4232

For information on graduate program regulations, forms, and procedures:
Catherine Provost,
Graduate Student Advisor
(206)­ 543­‐2488

For questions about course registration and tuition payment:
Brian Cox
(206) 616-5104