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Welcome to the SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Issues and Solutions site!
This site is intended for use by site collection owners to identify upgrade problems they have found on their own sites and to document their solutions.  Remember that when you find and fix problems on the test server, you will need to repeat those procedures on the production server following the 2010 upgrade.  Documenting the fixes here will help other site owners avoid having to troubleshoot the same problems!
Please feel free to edit the page to share information you have learned. (If you don't have edit privileges but have information to share, send email to to ask for access.)  Try to include the information about the features that broke so this page can be easily scanned for information rather than requiring readers to follow each of the links to see if the information applies to them.

General Issues-

Problem: Sites do not return correct search results. (RESOLVED)

Details: The content is in the index, but SharePoint is trimming the results returned to the user to only show items that allow anonymous user access. 

Solution: A ticket has been opened with Microsoft.  This issue is now resolved.

Problem: Wiki pages are not editable.  (RESOLVED)

Details: Trying to edit a wiki page on SharePoint results in the error “An unexpected error has occurred.” This issue was caused by a hack put in place by Telerik RadEditor. 

Solution: Redeployed the missing refrences.  There may be cleanup needed in the long run.

Problem: Enterprise Wikis fail to be created.  (RESOLVED)

Details: On most collections, trying to create an Enterprise Wiki sub-site ends in failure.  This issue was caused by a hack put in place by Telerik RadEditor.

Solution: Redeployed the missing refrences.  There may be cleanup needed in the long run.

Problem: Trying to view or add new items to a list returns the error “This view cannot be displayed because it exceeds the list view threshold (5000 items) enforced by the administrator. To view items, try selecting another view or creating a new view. If you do not have sufficient permissions to create views for this list, ask your administrator to modify the view so that it conforms to the list view threshold.”

Details: Microsoft SQL Server has a built-in limit of 5000 items when returning a view of a list.  If your query exceeds that limit, the SQL server will put a full table lock on the AllUserData table which affects everyone on our SharePoint server since all of the site collections are within the same database.  


Solution: As a temporary measure the limit has been raised to 8000 so customers can archive and cleanup large lists.  This will likely need to be reduced back down to 5000 in the not to distant future. The short-term solution is to create a list view that limits the items to fewer than 5000.

Problem: Can’t add new items or edit existing items on a list.

Details: Trying to add a new item to a list or edit an existing item results in the error “An unexpected error has occurred.”

Solution: From the list view, select Customize Form in InfoPath. Once you have the list open in InfoPath 2010, select Publish.  

Problem: Help information does not display properly in IE 8 or below.

Details: Some help content is hard coded to http instead of https causing a security issue.  

Solution: Switch to Firefox or IE 9.  Some have also reported success by adding the SharePoint server into IE Local Intranet Sites zone and setting “Display Mixed Content” = Enabled for that zone.  We will be investigating further to see if changes can be made server side to create links to https addresses instead.

Problem: New Fab 40 sites fail to create.

Details: Though we have worked hard to get existing Fab 40 sites to work after the upgrade, it is not possible to create new sites based on these old templates.  A third party has made updated versions of these available, but as they are now it would require all of our customers currently using the old Fab 40 to start over from scratch as the new templates neither support side-by-side install with the old nor upgrade of the old.        

Solution: We will also be limiting the availability of use of these by default by removing them under “Page layouts and site templates” in the “Look and Feel” section of site administration.   Collection administrators can change this as they see fit. 

Problem: After visual upgrade you may get an error while trying to publish a page from the “ribbon”

Details: There seems to be an incompatibility between upgraded publishing sites and some new publishing functionality.  Under the covers there are actually substantially different Collection and Site Features enabled between an upgraded site and a new 2010 publishing site.     

Solution: We recommend you do not do the Visual Upgrade or Preview Visual Upgrade on existing publishing sites.  We will be investigating further after the upgrade to see what the best road forward is for those sites.    If you do the visual upgrade you can work around the issue by simply checking in the document from the “ribbon” and going to the actual Document library containing the document to publish the document.

Problem: Some lists appear from nowhere after the upgrade.

Details: You have one or more Fab 40 sites features enabled on your site.  You have deleted one of the lists the feature creates by default when it is activated.  After the upgrade the list(s) reappears.  This happens because as part of the upgrade we have to retract then redeploy the core solution these features depend on.

Solution: Delete the unwanted or unneeded lists after the upgrade.    You may also be able to simply deactivate unused site features if you know no of the components such as content types are used.

Problem: Custom columns/fields do not show up on team site based Wiki pages after upgrade.

Details: The new team site definition simplifies the Wiki page and leaves custom attributes only visible in the edit page. The new Enterprise Wiki features do allow for displaying and controlling these.

Solution:You can migrate content to a new Enterprise Wiki or simply add a bit of code to each wiki page you want to display the attributes you have added. The code is:







<TABLE class="ms-formtable" border=0 cellpadding=0 id="formTbl" cellspacing=0 width=100%>


Click link for steps to fix problems associated with the following features:
  • TextToHTML calculated columns (for use with custom KPIs)
  • "Easy Tabs" using Content Editor Web Part
  • List views with collapsed columns using TextToHTML